Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details Leaked, Weekend Leak Confirmed

Some new information regarding Black Ops 2 mutliplayer has surfaced, the new changes will really revitalize the multiplayer experience and bring the feel of Call of Duty 4 back to the series.

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ichdich2322d ago

yeah right... they also said MW3 will bring the feel of Call of Duty 4 back to the series... and its feel like the worst COD to date.

JonahNL2322d ago

Honestly, MW3 does bring back a tiny bit of the COD4 feeling. I can't deny that.

However, the game sucks harder than a prostitute on New Year's Eve.

WeskerChildReborned2322d ago

Nah MW3 brought back the MW2 feeling...and not in a good way.

supersonicjerry2322d ago

The only COD4 it brings back was the red dot and that was what they were talking about lol.

alien6262322d ago

what is leaked? hasnt the past cod games been the same in multiplayer other? just add new guns and maps and thats it

WeskerChildReborned2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Totally agreed. I liked MW2 more than MW3 because at the time, it was new even though their were alot of imbalances but still.

HammadTheBeast2322d ago

Their definition of bringing it back is by adding the G36C and MP5 again. Yay.

Maps are complete shit. Bring me Showdown back, then we'll talk.

cavado2322d ago

I use to be all about infinityward but after mw3 I got the impression they just wanted to play it safe. nice to hear trayarch are going to switch it up a bit

-Alpha2322d ago

I really like the sound of that, it is exactly like MAG's

XboxInnovation2322d ago

It's so easy to get the multiplayer right. No pro perks, no killstreaks that take you away from the game, and no personal equipment like jammers and sensors. And get rid of annoyances like flinch when shot.

Keep all of the bullshit to your wager matches. MP should stay simple.

HammadTheBeast2322d ago

Nah, that's too much, maybe for Hardcore it would be fine. What really needs to happen is focus on guns more, no 2 shot kills with basically every gun, only 7 kill streaks maximum, and no bullshit useless equipment. Who honestly actually used the "camera" in Black Ops?

vickers5002322d ago

Killstreaks yeah, but don't remove perks. Maybe tone some perks down a bit, but the series still needs perks.

WagFanger2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

"Black Ops 2 is without a doubt one of the more anticipated Call of Duty games this year"

Erm, what? I don't think even Activision would push two CODs a year

Anyway, the 10 point allocation mode sounds interesting, and wager matches coming back sounds good - but does that mean COD points again?

But we all know this game is going to be a massive failure yet again. Can't wait for this to release so MW3 will seem good again!

HammadTheBeast2322d ago

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified for PS Vita.

Quite a mouthful.

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