No More Zelda At E3 Would Be Great.

Thank Outer Heaven that Nintendo didn’t announce or even hint at a new Legend of Zelda title in the works during E3. I’m sure there IS one boiling around inside Nintendo’s franchise factories; I just don’t want it to ever see the light of day. No news about Zelda fills me with soothing relief like a well-placed glob of Preparation H.

In that simile, Link’s adventures are a hemorrhoid. I want that to be absolutely clear.

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linkenski2320d ago

That mario is different every time is a bad argument because there aren't like over 5 zelda games every year. When there are 5 years in between each Zelda title, then of course they don't grow boring as fast.

slaton242320d ago

zelda all the game nintendo has and it will never die this article is bull crap and also if all u got to do is hate on a video game get a life