How Did Sony Fare in Its Press Conference?

The blue lights illuminated the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena as thousands of Sony fans waited for the clock to strike six. As the audience members took their seats, a traditional Sony montage opened the company’s 2012 E3 press conference to industry-loved dubstep. The familiar format and sounds signaled what would be a strong if unsurprising showing for Sony in a conference replete with Sony staples but lacking in any major revelations.

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WagFanger2412d ago

Well, I would say.

And finally someone who can comprehend why they showed Wonderbook. It's a kids game, not necessarily designed for most gamers watching E3! I think it worked pretty well, and it's good to see the Move being pushed again.

NovusTerminus2412d ago

I am fine with them showing the Wonderbook, but did it have to take 15min out of an hour and a half conference? They could have summed that demo up in about 5, and then shifted to the Vita at least for 10min.

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GribbleGrunger2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

why are they hating? they're just pointing out that the Wonderbook was misplaced, not that it's terrible. i personally think it's great for kids, but that portion would have be best served with other content

Prince_Dim-Lu2411d ago

@big bertha... I hope you feel the same way about MS and Kinect reaching kids. Because it's great for that and parties.

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telekineticmantis2411d ago

They should of atleast put Dust 514 in it, No Last Guardian Syphon Filter, etc. etc. It would of been much better if they waited till E3 to show God of War, Playstation Allstars. Showing all those pre E3 games only works when you have much more to show at the conference. Worst of all there's no adventure/ story games this holiday. Dust 514 is Multiplayer with no story, which really disapppoints men, they could of atleast made it PVE with story/PVP without story. I have yet to see anyone do that with a FPS.

PaladinXII2411d ago

If there's one thing that these conference have shown is that this generation is already in "lame duck" mode. :(

avengers19782411d ago

The whole E3 event was crap this year, The only new things that I heard about were the Wonderbook, and Watchdogs(#1), and Beyond two souls.... everything else shown has been being talked about for sometime, or shown at last years event. Looking forward to TGS.