E3 2012 Double Dragon Neon Hands on Video Demo and Interview

Get ready to go back in time with Double Dragon Neon. With updated graphics, moves and levels, Double Dragon Neo by Majesco will be one of the summer hits of 2012. Gametactics gets an on camera hands on preview of the game from E3 2012.

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NICE! ive missed double dragon!

MariaHelFutura2374d ago

I still play Double Dragon II on my NES. The game is hard as hell, the difficultly will probably be reduced for this release.

LackTrue4K2374d ago

lol......yep!! they way they drop the first 2 guys, way to fast and looked like its ez. still looking forward for this game

OneAboveAll2374d ago

It's about time! Here's hoping they will remake some other classics too like River City Ransom or Rampage! :D

MariaHelFutura2374d ago

I still have River City Ransom aswell. The game was so ahead of its time its sickening.

MWH2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

i think the game is a bit slow, the characters are too big and their stances are occupying too much space making the area look small unless you gave the payer the choice to disable what seems to be an auto zoom-in mechanic when fighting, allowing us to keep the camera away to maintain a good viewing experience if needed.

work out these and i hope you'll have a good seller.

WonderboyIII2374d ago

I am probably one of the biggest DD fans in the world and this game looks like a POS.

souljah452374d ago

This game would be sick on psvita

Tonester9252374d ago

I guess this is the closet we will ever get to a Streets of Rage HD

Bring back BattleToads and Double Dragon!

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