OXCGN's E3 2012: Dance Central 3 Hand-On Preview: Get your groove on


"Sitting in a room crowded up with other media we were split up into 2 teams of 4 and asked to scan ourselves in via Kinect.

From the beginning the hardware portion of the Dance Central 3 demo struggled to scan all players and it took the roughly 10 minutes before we continued with the demo."

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gaminoz2323d ago

Ubi's Just Dance is more fun :)

Don't even speak about Kinect Star Wars

MissAubrey2323d ago

Maybe Just Dance is more fun if you have a console that can't play Dance Central. Otherwise the choice is obvious... Generic dancers in JD or Me in DC as well as others who are'nt as important to be named.

mcstorm2323d ago

I agree i think dance central is the better game as its a challenge where just dance is not. You can move how you want in jd where dance central you have to copy the moves.

They are both good games for kinect but i do think dc is the best dance game out there at the moment if your into dance games.