Dragon Ball Z Kinect E3 Interviews

Koji Nakajima and Jason Enos from Namco Bandai talk about the game.

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tayz2325d ago

lol i hope the surprise wont be more QR cards. this game needs multiplayer BAD

Shadonic2325d ago

needs more than mp it needs to just take the setup of burst limit and just add the current kinect controls they have. They really didint have to change the camera angle plus 100% of the cinematic are just brought over from there previous game. this is gonna suck badly and it still looks better than ultimate tenkaichi.

WeskerChildReborned2325d ago

Why are they staling on making a Budokai Tenkaichi 4? They know people wan't another one right?

TheLyonKing2325d ago

Shouting out Kai attacks will feel awkward and even the trailer made the guy playing look
Like a tool.

Am not convinced this will work to well.