Mass Effect 3: Earth Outed and Detailed

Loud Mouthed Gamers: "The same member of reddit who outed the Rebellion Map Pack, three weeks before it was announced, has outed the Earth Map Pack."

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theWB272374d ago

That sounded like we won't get entirely new gameplay as much as they're,hopefully, are going to do better cut scenes and explanation. HHMM

Blacktric2373d ago

"That sounded like we won't get entirely new gameplay..."

They explained this over and over again. Extended Cut just adds new cutscenes to show how your choices made an impact on the galaxy and also to better explain what happened after your choice on Citadel.

da_2pacalypse2373d ago

This entire game has been a huge mess... The DLC support has been pathetic... Nobody bought ME3 so they can play your stupid horde mode -_-

theWB272373d ago

Well with all the press it was getting and seeing article after article pop up about the ending I kind of distanced myself from it. So whatever they've been discussing, I hadn't listened until clicking on this.

Rock_On_PS42374d ago

Mass Effect 3 was to me by far the most disappointing game in the Mass Effect series. Online/multiplay is tacked on to appeal to casual gamers and the single player campaign seemed rushed and incomplete.

Mass Effect is a unique series in which you get your butt handed to you if you try and run and gun on the harder difficulty levels. You are forced to continuously pause the game and use strategy and tactics in order to defeat the enemy.

ME and ME2 both deserved their critical praise and AAA game status.

Chuk52374d ago

I agree that ME1 and ME2 are great, but I think ME3 is a great game. Are the sidequests boilerplate? Sure. But the overall sense of hopelessness gave the game the most consistent, palpable theme in the series. The ending wasn't the best, but as a final game it was still amazing to me.

It will be interesting to see how Bioware will try to salvage the ending.

googergieger2373d ago

Krogan home world, Geth/Quarians, crucible, etc were consistent with hopelessness? All were clearly meant to give hope, I reckon. The ending is where all hope is gone. I mean their cut scenes are meant to clarify but really outside of, "Normandy crew lands on planet, fixes ship, goes back to citadel and live happily ever after. Mean while it turns out all other races aren't stranded or killed, we found a magic portal underneath Earth ruins nobody bothered to look under before that can transport you wherever you want in the universe." *roll credits*

Outside of that they are pretty boned. Anyways the entire game felt weak throughout. Just totally phoned in.

GameOn2373d ago

the second was the most disapointing for me. no doubt in my mind about that.

kneon2374d ago

I found the ME games to be not much more difficult on the hardest setting than on normal. On ME1 I only used a pistol the whole game and the only times I bothered with the hud was to direct the NPCs to go hide so they don't die while I'm busy killing everything. ME3 was even easier. You don't need much strategy, just headshots.

sabersmen2373d ago

You know guys, you CAN'T Say say ME3 was the worst game because of it's ending. I thought the ending SUCKED but I still find myself to say that it's probably one of my all time favorite games thus far. Before the ME series, dead island was my favorite and the ending SUCKED BIG TIME. Sure they left a LOT of lose ends and a LOT of questions open, but it still doesn't change the fact that they made an AWESOME game out of this.

Dude4202373d ago

I honestly thought by the way people we're talking about the was as if the entire game sucked. I still ended up buying the game (although it was 50% on Origin :) ) because I wanted to finish the series. Overall, the game was blast to play, the voice acting was overall better than ME2 and just about every mission was a thrill to play.

Throughout the game, I was happy that my work from saving all of my members (who were also loyal) in ME2 really paid off. I was able to unite everyone in the galaxy and the big battle in the end was awesome. Long story short, I had a great time with the game, until the last 10 minutes. The ending was BS, but I still wouldn't base the game's overall quality on that.

BattleAxe2374d ago

ME3 was a AAA game, but once I beat it, the ending dropped it down to a B rated game. It doesn't get more disappointing then that. The other stupid part was that once I beat the game, I went to try out the co-op, and I couldn't join a room because I kept getting voted out of the room for being a low rank? I'm not sure, but I gave up on the co-op after getting voted out 8 or 9 times in one evening.

kneon2374d ago

I've played a lot of the coop (I should hit an N7 rank of 1000 any day now), I rarely see people voting low ranked players out of bronze matches but certainly on silver and gold. We often get people with low level characters and N7 ranks trying to play gold matches, there is just no point to that, they are going to die, a lot. They are just a burden on the team, though it does make it easy to get the gold revives badge ;)

I've finished silver matches with level 1 characters but that's because I now have a lot of great weapons and perks maxed out.

tigertron2374d ago

You can't write players off because of their rank. I consider myself good but I don't have a high rank.

kneon2374d ago

I agree that your rank is not necessarily a reflection of your skill, but it is an indicator of the weapons and equipment you have available. And these make a huge difference.

No matter how good you may be, if you've got a single digit rank and single digit level character you just aren't equipped for gold matches.

Besides, if you are any good then it only takes 3 bronze matches to get a character leveled up enough to do well on silver.

Panzerkanzler2374d ago

I've pretty much never seen someone get voted out in bronze games. Bronze is so easy anyone can make it. But when an obviously too low level guy joins a silver or gold game I usually vote them out. On the higher difficulties you need the extra skills, hp and such. If one or two of the team have low levels, considering the chosen difficulty of the match, they will probably get themselves, and the team, killed thus wasting the time of other players.

Jacobster2374d ago

I understand your frustration. I get booted for being too high ranked (currently 2100)! The best thing to do is to make many friends that play the game alot and have your own private games :)

Agent_00_Revan2374d ago

It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for as much as I love this series, Bioware screwed up the ending so bad, and basically refuse to fix it and are just giving us and extended version of said crap ending.

ninjahunter2374d ago

._. No sir, i have no money with your name on it. Thank you, come again.

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