1UP: Beyond: Two Souls Displays David Cage's Disrespect for Narrative

1UP writes: In fiction, even the most fantastic of worlds need rules. There's a reason why The Matrix didn't end with Neo morphing into a t-rex and chomping down on Agent Smith; while the Wachowskis created a reality far different from our own, they also established limits to what their characters could and couldn't do. Without these rules, narrative doesn't differ much from the likes of Axe Cop: the product of a disorganized and enthusiastic mind unconcerned with consistency.

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Elderly_Cynic2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I'm STILL waiting for an explanation as to why Ethan kept waking up in a strange place with origami in his hand in Heavy Rain. Red herrings are one thing... blatant obfuscation is another, particularly when it serves no function other than to mislead. Sadly undermined an otherwise great experience.

uncharted562349d ago

there is actually a video on youtube that was released by David Cage explaining the plot holes and why they didnt made into the final version of the game. Go search it up but yeah I agree that it sucks that their were plot holes in the game even though the game was pretty amazing.

Diver2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

the bros wachowski? did this dumb writer even see the 3 matrix films? revolutions was a big smelly poo sandwich. those dudes were off wandering around in left field talking to a cat that was possessed by their grandma's ghost. dumb 1up.

big deal 1slop nominated beyond. they chose watch dogs which is a game video not running in real time over beyond that was. that's peeps like this writer that's a 360 fanboy so desperate they'd pick anything no matter how fake.

4221852348d ago

lol i'm just imagining units going all over the web looking for anything anti sony/ps3 to submit.

NukaCola2348d ago

Game's get major cuts just like movies. Sometimes its flawless and sometimes its not. There's a 10 minute scene in Pulp Fiction that explains "Elvis Man would loved" line from Mia. The scene never made it into the final cut.

1. Ethan had dreams about water. Scenes that all were cut.
2.Madison has insomnia from being a civilian reporter in Iraq and all the stuff she has seen.

Personally I think the DLC would of been helpful to backfill these characters.
I am pretty excited to see his next game.

MaxXAttaxX2348d ago

1up just hasn't been good in a while :/

The author is literally describing almost every game ever made.

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Nimblest-Assassin2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Ethan was suffering immense psychological stress after Jason died, thus causing him to black out. In the time he blacked out the Oragami Killer took Shaun, and left an oragami in his hand to show that he has shaun.

The only reason he never told anyone... is because he was worried Shaun would be hurt. A medium does not need to explain everything to you. Just got back from watching prometheus, and man does that movie leave a lot of questions

Also its one dudes opinion, not the entire site... they nominated the game for most intriguing/surprising losing only to watch dogs

Elderly_Cynic2348d ago

Nonsense. The first blackout takes place well before Shaun is abducted, and you have the option of telling your psychiatrist about the blackouts. Further, in order for that to make sense one would have to accept the notion that somehow the killer knew, in advance, A) WHEN Ethan was going to black out and B) Where he would be when he awoke... things even the person affected couldn't possibly know.

I'm not saying that Heavy Rain is a bad game by any means; in fact, it and God of War 3 are the reasons I replaced my first PS3. Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit to those of you in Europe) was chock full of plot holes as well, but it remains one of my favorite PS2 era games in spite of this.

That said, it does concern me that David Cage says that what powers you have access to at any given time (in Beyond) are 'completely arbitrary'.

Nimblest-Assassin2348d ago


Even though the first black out was before Shauns abduction, he had begun his black outs after Jasons death

I was referring to you believing the oragami he woke up with was a red herring

When you have the option to tell the shrink about your blackouts, he keeps his description very vague, and no matter what the origami drops from his pocket

Also the killer did not need to know when Shaun would blackout, because at the end you realize that he had been watching Ethan since Jason died after he almost killed himself in an attempt to save Jason.

He waited for Ethan to separate from Shaun, and then noticed he had passed out on the street thus planted the origami in his hand, and escaped with Shaun

Like people have said before, there were scenes cut out from heavy rain due to budget problems, so it makes sense why you find some plot holes, but I am giving you the explanation

Ultr2348d ago

let me guess, YOU told NOBODY about that you have these "wake ups" right? BECAUSE you told nobody, you were not able to see WHY!
simple as that :)

BattleAxe2349d ago

1Up gave Halo 3 10/10, Halo: ODST 9.1/10, and Halo: Reach 10/10.......what the heck do they know about narrative? and when did they start caring?

Drake1172349d ago

This is one guys opinion not an entire sites...

morganfell2348d ago

But that is the problem. This is why a site has an Editor in Chief, or should have one - a position and function about which 1Up knows absolutely nothing. Zero, zilch, nada, nechevo, rei.

Drake1172348d ago

Why so the editor in chief should make every article and opinion of every staff member on the site be related to his or her own?

TheRealHeisenberg2348d ago

All those scores were well deserved too in my opinion.

Drake1172348d ago

This is N4G dude, according to most people on this site anything good about something game wise that isn't exclusive to PS3 is undeserving.

theWB272349d ago

What do their game scores have to do with anything. He talked about Cage not caring about why one thing works at one point and does in another without explaining it. Basically you're giving us this power, but we can only use it when and how you say it. You do start to care a little more when it's not even glossed over to why such things happen. Halo, even if you didn't like the story, gave you reasons, and didn't limit or enhance you just for gameplays sake.

wishingW3L2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

it's just a demo, is not like you'll be able to make sense out of everything in the game after playing a 20 minutes demo.

And this is the demo he is talking about:

theWB272348d ago

I don't, well I do, how you get disagrees when...idk

The writer asked David Cage, the head honcho on the game, if the restrictions on Aiden's powers were as arbitrary as it seemed in the demo. Cage said "absolutely, it's totally arbitrary.

Arbitrary means-Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

What more is needed? I'm actually liking the disagrees on here, especially when they're so....arbitrary as is now.

DigitalAnalog2348d ago

Why is this a problem? Most games that follow a linear story with branches have "arbitrary" methods to do so, in the case of Mass Effect, your choices make up the story "arbitrarily", you don't shoot nor dance around on a whim to change the perspective of the story because the story itself is mapped out depending how choices are made.. arbitrarily.

David Cage takes this a step further by allowing you to do more than just select "choices". It's one of the most underlooked feature in Heavy Rain. The only reason why his game is being called out on instead of ME, is because ME had RPG gameplay elements in the middle. Take away that and you will end up having a visual "text" game instead.

As for the extended preview of Beyond, he already explained you are fully in control of Jodie as opposed to any characters of Heavy Rain where only certain QTE'S dictate what you do.

Again, he still has a year to finish up the game so let us judge till then before we give negative reactions based on "demo" footage.

InTheLab2348d ago

We're pretending the jet packs didn't happen? Was there a reason why you could use one there but had to abandon it when the jet pack section was over? HReach wasn't the only one...I know, but just using the example set before me...

theWB272348d ago

You guys are right, I bow out.

unworthyBOZO2348d ago

Interesting I could swear that I didn't see beyond in retail shelves, and that it would be available next year. But I digress this guy must have the full copy of the game to right this article, other wise he sound like complete jackass, for talking about a games story without playing the full product and based of ten minutes of footage.

Nimblest-Assassin2348d ago

you sir, have perfected the art of sarcasm. Kudos

Nes_Daze2348d ago

I'll reserve judgement of David Cage's ability to write stories when I play a second game by him.

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