Why Did The Vita Take A Back Seat At E3?

As many of us who watched the Sony conference may have noticed, the Vita was scarce throughout the presentation. Most gamers were expecting a huge Vita blowout of games and features being announced left and right, but what we were shown were a few games (Assassins Creed and Call of Duty) and the announcement of Playstation Classics. Sure those are great games and the possibility of having a growing library of Playstation games is a great idea, but aside from that there wasn’t much to offer to fans who invested into a system that hasn’t supplied a notable selection of games.

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Cablephish3234d ago

Because the Wonderbook took the front seat and stole the show... :S

ABizzel13234d ago

Exactly, and it's unfortunate because the Vita actually have over 20 games at the show.

SoundGamer3233d ago

Which is just as, if not more important than the keynote address/conference.

E3 is not just a set of conferences for gamers to watch on TV and online. It's a trade show and many more Vita games were shown on the floor and behind closed doors.

It really didn't take a back seat except on stage.

xAlmostPro3233d ago

Bloody wonderbook being so epic :(

On topic, i don't think it did take a back seat. They announced more games, more integration and that's all it needed really, unless you're a person who still thinks the device is 'over priced'.

Wonderbook maybe ran longer than it should have but hey there was plenty of awesome stuff for both Vita and PS3

BattleAxe3233d ago

I agree, they announced Playstation All Stars for Vita with cross platform play, Assassins Creed Liberation and Call of Duty Black Ops. Three really big games, but it was weird that they weren't able to show any gameplay footage of Cod for Vita, especially since it is releasing in about 5 months.

admiralvic3233d ago

Too many people are basing opinions off of the conference and not the actual show. To date, the Vita is still stuck with a lot of ports or things that really weren't shown elsewhere either. Atlus didn't display the Golden, XSeed was showing off a Japanese version of Ragnarok, very little on CoD / AC III, so understandably Sony didn't talk about it. However if you went to the show, Sony had QUITE an expansive area for the Playstation Vita.

They were showing off (if I recall correctly...):
Littlebigplanet PS Vita
Jet Set Radio
Sine Mora
Strangers Wrath
Hatsune Miku
Munch Odyssey
Gravity Daze
Resistance Burning Skies
Metal Gear Solid
Retro City Rampage
Little King Story (I think)

Beyond that list I know I am forgetting several. There was roughly 15 games showcased, so I am missing a few. However from this list of what I can recall, only 3 games are truly exclusive for the Vita. From what I saw of Oragarhythm, it wasn't worth showing and Littlebigplanet is in Beta mode, so that really only leaves 1 (2 if you really want LBP). With this in mind, Sony prob thought it was better to show that they haven't given up with the far less successful Move.

smashcrashbash3234d ago

Does it really matter? We are not only getting PS1 games to play on the VITA but thirty more games including Assassins Creed VITA and COD VITA. We are still getting the games. People are acting like because the games weren't shown on stage that they don't exist or something. Check all the game sites and Youtube. They are all over them. They showed them to tens of thousands of people on the show room floor who got to play them. How long are we going to b***h about this? Even Sony said they had no time.Did you really expect them to show each of the thirty VITA games on stage? And please don't talk about a montage. Three second glimpses of each game is not any better.

KUV19773234d ago

Yes it is. Showing VITA-stuff is pretty irrelevant to us VITA-owners but it is important to create desire for people to become new VITA-owners and thus increase the install base and thus improve third party support which in turn will be important for us already VITA owners.

Why have a press conference at all when the stuff that are shown are not important?

That being said, I am really looking forward to Assassin's Creed: Liberation!

smashcrashbash3234d ago

The convention is just as important as the press conference. People seem to think that the press conference is the only part of E3. What makes you think that because I didn't have the time to show everything it isn't important. If it wasn't important then why bring it to E3 at all then. My point is stop acting like because it wasn't paraded on stage. Nintendo barely touched on the games they are getting for the Wii U. Does that make you want a Wii U less? Aren't you still getting games for it. Sony themselves said they had to settle for a shorter conference People make everything sound so simple. 'Just spend three hours talking, no wait make it four hours and spend at least half an hour talking about VITA.It's like people don't seem to realize that businesses have schedules and time tables and budgets. These decisions don't just come out of the blue you know. they are discussed and what ever the CEO says goes whether you agee with it or not. Try owning a business or learning about running one and you would see how many sacrifices you have to make and and how little freedom you have to make them. People think businesses just have wads of cash they just throw around. 'Hey can we spend another hour and a half on stage. Sure screw the budget and the CEOs let's do what the people non business owners posting on the game site say we should do instead'

KUV19773234d ago

So, spending 10 Minutes on Wonder Book and virtually none on VITA was a smart decision in your book?

And if you read forums people are indeed disappointed by the Nintendo showings and some claim that they are even less interested than they were before and that they won't buy it. Sure most of them overreacht and will still buy it once it is out, but I am not really interested in the Wii U from the beginning but what I saw at the conference didn't change that at all. They showed close to nothing interesting.

If you have a different opinion then fine but all the major gaming sites seem to share my opionion on Wii U and VITA at least. SONY still had the best of the 3 conferences and I don't care little about missing content for myself but as I said. There are thousands of people who watched the conference but were not at the convention afterwards and SONY desperately needs to sell more VITAs so that we will get more games for it in the long run.

xAlmostPro3233d ago

They didn't show virtually none on vita because it was integrated and set with announcements through out.

It had it's own 5 minute-ish set followed by multiple announcements through out the show along side PS3 reveals.

Also Sony revealed plenty before E3 and there's plenty more game conferences to come.

SandwichHammock3233d ago

I agree with you for the most part,but...
For someone like you and me, and excuse me as im assuming here, we are on top of these kinds of things and know just how much is in the pipeline.
from psone classics to zone of enders to warriors lair. What has not happened, and what I think people are nitpicking at, is there was no "mega" unexpected annoucement. Something like,and I know this is very relative, Chrono Break or something. Imagine, a new chrono trigger exclusively for psv with all the boys from chrono cross back on board. I personally would need to change my pants ;)

jamesensor3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

It would help the console's sales to have addictive type of games like Gladiator Begins, Harvest Moons, some stuff like what Kairosoft is doing on android and iphone too, with less loading screens and on-the-fly gaming. Monster Hunter would also help in those matters. Some emulation would also help, apart from what the psx has.

WagFanger3234d ago

God knows. I'm still looking for great, exclusive games to back up my purchase, but so far there are not enough.

Haha1233234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

A console that was announced year ago all the development time and all they had to show for it was a COD logo, Assassin's Creed and a lot of PORTS...

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