E3 2012: Why Ubisoft Easily Had the Best Lineup

Years from now E3 2012 most likely won’t be remembered as anything great or spectacular. If anything, it shows the hazard of being in the current console generation for so long. A new console generation would have normally started by now and brought with it new IPs, but instead games are releasing their fourth to eighth installment within seven years. Ubisoft is definitely “guilty” of this too, but the ways they’ve kept Splinter Cell, Far Cry, and even Assassins Creed fresh has left many of their competitors in the dust.

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deathstriker2419d ago

Yeah, I would say that Ubisoft had the best lineup too. EA was boring as hell and some other companies (2K) didn't even seem to try... no GTA or Bioshock there seems crazy.

Rabidgummibear2418d ago

The lack of bioshock had me very sad and I think a lot of other people sad too.

Assumedkilla2418d ago

No GTA was a bigger disappoint to me, but at least there was Watch Dogs, which could be great and actually have a good/interesting multiplayer, unlike GTA.

TerraMantis2418d ago

E3 could have just been the Watch Dogs preview playing on a loop and I'd be okay with that.