All New Super Mario Wii U Screenshot Comparison With DS, 3DS and Wii

Here is a brand new screenshot comparison for New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros. DS and New Super Mario Bros. 3DS.

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Chrono2321d ago

Show the first part of stage 1 for the DS ver.

M83_2321d ago

I was hoping for a mario galaxy type wiiU game to show off the graphics. Honestly this game doesn't look all that next gen to me.
Tbh, I'm sick of the mario 2D games, I want another galaxy because they're so much better!

MiyagiSPG2321d ago

So true, but I'd rather they take their time with the next Galaxy game and make it even more epic :)!

bahabeast2321d ago

they all look the same with just deeper colors in the newer ones. nintendo need to step it up, i cnt see how people buy the same thing from nintendo gen after gen. mario cart IMO is the same from n64 to wii looks same and plays same with minor tweaks.


fatstarr2320d ago

they do that, everyone does that. this gen gaming has become about the casual and mainstream that know nothing.

mario already has like 200 something games. I believe your argument is invalid as of 9 years ago. he is here to stay and he will be reborn again for future generations of children.

omarzy2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

it is not the same people buying the mario games. mario games are timeless, so every new generation of kids will grow up with mario until they stop gaming, then they have kids, and the cycle continues until gaming dies. mario is a goldmine that will never die until women stop giving birth

eagle212321d ago

Best launch game in a LONG time for me. Very nice new features to propell this bad boy to 25 million+ like the others. Please don't be delusional. This game will be a system seller at launch.

TheRealist2320d ago

It might be called Mario Universe & that is the epic title that would move systems.. Not this old formula thats basically the same in HD.. Not even 1080p which is very alarming to me.. this engine isnt taxing on power what so ever