E3 2012: “Stealth” Games Are Evolving The Wrong Way: Stalking gone stale


"Taken at a glance, you’d have to think that E3 2012 would be a great showing for fans of the stealth genre.

A new Splinter Cell? Hitman? Assassin’s Creed? Metal Gear game?

That would have to be enough for anyone, right?

Yet as stealth games, each title featured a number of failings."



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gaminoz2375d ago

I sooo wanted to see Thief 4. I've been waiting so long for that game: a genuine stealth game.

I'm not opposed to action as such, but I think stealth games should replicate what MGS4 did and provide options: go stalker style or action, but it is harder that way.

Paradicia2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Dishonoured seems to be the right way forward. It has options for everyone stealth and action. The devs said you can play through entire missions without being seen. It also bases its level design around a hub world where you can go back to a point and upgrade abilities and weapons after levels :)

gaminoz2375d ago

Dishonored looks right up my alley!

Eske2375d ago

Dishonored's my most anticipated game. It's looking awesome.

But with so many cool attacking abilities, I don't know if I'll be able to restrain myself and play stealthy!

...not that I'm capable of playing stealthy, anyway. In MGS, I'll spend like an hour mapping my route and all the guard locations, then get spotted by one I didn't see right next to me.

And then, everyone has to die. I don't make the rules.

NYC_Gamer2375d ago

The stealth genre is dead because of studios wanting casual success

BadCircuit2375d ago

It's where the money is he said Call of Duty shows that.

I agree that better AI is the solution to making it more fun.

I remember how revolutionary it was when I first played Splinter Cell. There isn't enough patience now, but it's about replicating that tension, without slowing down the fun.

vortis2374d ago

Chaos Theory is tedious by every definition of the word, but there's no denying how much tension it dumps on you, especially because of how well it was crafted.

It's certainly not a game for casuals by any stretch of the imagination.

Ken222375d ago

*Looks at Splinter Cell:Blacklist*

BadCircuit2375d ago

I don't know how Metal Gear Rising Ridiculous Repeating R Revengence can claim to be a Metal Gear game. But I guess there was that RTS game Halo Wars, so I may be being a bit unfair expecting titles to stay true to their roots.

h311rais3r2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Just because it's a metal gear universe doesn't mean it needs to be about stealth. U are playing raiden in super form after all.


That's the issue......

Hicken2375d ago

As h311rais3r says, it's part of the Metal Gear universe; why WOULDN'T it be a Metal Gear?

Halo Wars is the same: it's set in the Halo universe, so it's a Halo game. There's nothing in the rulebook that says a game within a certain franchise HAS to be the same.

Otherwise, there'd be no Mario Kart or any other of the spinoffs. Sonic's games would all be sidescrollers. Final Fantasy games would still be voiceless sprite-based adventures(though a lot of people might prefer that).

Inception2375d ago

There's a stealth option in Rising. You can sneak up from behind and stab the enemy with tenchu style. Also, P* already said that you can finish the game without killing anybody, just like the old Metal Gear.

SnotyTheRocket2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

The AC MP has, to me, the greatest stealth options

gaminoz2375d ago

I agree. It is a good change to the shooter multi out there

OhMyGandhi2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

have you played Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow or Chaos Theory online? that, is the definition of a good time online, and as Gaminoz mentioned, a nice change to the way online multiplayer is played.

SnotyTheRocket2374d ago

@RustedMan Yeah, ive never played Splinter Cell. Stealth is one of my favorite types of game. (Played every MGS)

Valenka2375d ago

Has anyone considered that maybe the new games aren't meant to be stealth games any longer? Perhaps instead having stealth elements?

mttrackmaster382375d ago

How is Hitman abandoning anything? Just don't use the point shooting mechanic! Simple as that.

gaminoz2375d ago

That's one of his points: that we are actually more rewarded for playing action-style instead of stealth-style and they should improve enemy AI to make it more rewarding to choose the stealthy way.

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