More Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition screenshots revealed

A handful of new screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming action role-playing game, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Scarfy2322d ago

When it announced that the content will also be on the PS3, I dug the game out and have started playing through bits of it again. My, NG+ is good fun! It's quite satisfying to defeat some of the bosses on the first encounter, and very quickly at that.

But should I start over when the DLC drops? I'm not sure I just want to charge in with my lightning sword, clearing the way like I'm harvesting corn... :|

Scarfy2322d ago

I'm also wondering if that last sentence is a tad over confident... ;)

-GametimeUK-2322d ago

I would recommend creating a new character and experience the play through like a PC player would. New bosses with a totally new toon will be awesome. I can't wait for this DLC if it is priced correctly. I am going to start a new playthough, but not sure on what build to use... hmmmm.

Fantastic game.

yeahokchief2322d ago

Nah i'm going to beast through it on my level 200+ character to see everything new as fast as possible.

Then perhaps I'll make another new character again later if I have more time.

I'm wondering how the new content's difficulty will scale with NG+, NG++, NG+++ etc

TopDudeMan2322d ago

I agree with this. I still haven't even made anywhere near the amount of characters that I wanted to. Starting a new one will be awesome.

Just did the same with demon's souls. Did it in just over 7 hours. And it was still fun even after all the time I've spent playing it.