THQ Entering Free-2-Play Market As well

It appears Crytek is not the only company that plans to join the free-2-play market, because it appears that THQ wants a piece too.

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NYC_Gamer2375d ago

The F2P market is full of profit long as the studio produces quality

TheGuyWho2375d ago

i think its sustainable since its free however it depends on how many people buy extra features.

Theo11302374d ago

And like NyC Gamer said, it depends on quality. Tf2 does f2p right, so does LoL.

MAJ0R2374d ago

F2P P2W seems like the future of gaming. Knowing THQ though, there will be massive amounts of DLC.

GamingPerson2374d ago

F2p is turning out better than I thought! I wan't something from 4A studios.

JsonHenry2374d ago

Lol, Free to play. Gotta love that term. I've been playing the Free to Play beta for Dota 2 and already spent over $20 on store items. Yes, yes, yes. A fool and his money.. :/

Theo11302374d ago

Really? I've been waiting for weaver stuff, or Windrunner, I'd buy stuff for those characters.

XboxInnovation2374d ago

Between free to play and kickstarter, activision and all of them gonna be out of business