PS3 Display: Limited vs RGB-Full

There have been a number of features added in the PS3's 1.80 firmware update; many of which have been overlooked. The PS3 now supports Super-White and x.v.Color output, playing Blu-ray movies at 24Hz, and now an RGB Full Range option is enabled for those with HDTV's that support it. This latter option increases the range of colours in PS3 playback, making both films and movies have a much wider range of colour. Continue to see the results for when RGB Full Range is enabled, and how to see if your TV supports it.

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LSDARBY4663d ago

Detail is clearly better, and colour. I guess this shows why Comparison videos always show the PS3 version looking faded out.

zambrota4663d ago

everything looks shaded and hazy on Partial RGB

the Full RGB looks clear and more vivid with more colours

Makroyale4663d ago

I have a 60" Plasma Pioneer Kuro PDP-6010, which is one of the best displays you can buy, and there is a huge difference.

kevoncox4663d ago

What does it matter?
If GT was the only site knocking the ps3 versions of 360 games then I would cry foul. However, these videos are just the visual represtation of dozens of reviews. RGB doesn't improve framerate and flat textures. Please face the music.

rawg4663d ago

There's definitely a noticeable difference. It almost looks like the PS3/360 videos where the left side looks washed out compared to the right.

It seems pretty apparent after watching this that the old GT videos weren't fair comparisons if they didn't use RGB full.

Raupet4663d ago

kevoncox I'll give it a shot :)

The reason as far as I can understand is that it's not fair to add another stone to the burden, even though it has worse quality. Thinking that it's okay is a sign that it's "okay" to mark down Multiplat games on the Ps3 just because it's on the Ps3, and not grade it on the games own attributes. An argument against that is of course that it's marked down BECAUSE it's the ps3 version and it won't run as good, but that's software on the game from the producers, not software on the console itself.

Hope that's a start. I'm in no way the right guy to argue with about this, since I really do not care about the comparisons themselves, but rather the concept of fair comparison. Which I hope we're all interested in, right? ;)

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nevelo074663d ago

difference for real man, gametrailers need to be fair to the ps3 system for real because this can be misleading

C_SoL4663d ago

but fanboys r gonna keep talkin their sh*t....

jaja14344663d ago

Well to their credit they run the games on the console default setting to ensure that the videos are compared fairly. As in it wouldn't be right to keep one the same and tweak the other to increase it's visual display.

That said they should put some sort of disclaimer stating as much at the beginning of the video.

Foliage4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

The PS3 by default comes with composite cables. If you are using other wiring for your tests, shouldn't you adjust the settings to reflect the change?

Running the PS3 version on default is bull shat. Every setup is different, and not changing your settings to reflect your setup is simply retarded.

All games by default tend to have the default resolution at a 4:3 aspect ratio. Are you saying that widescreen users should judge their playing experience by keeping the absolute default settings? Of course not.

That might be a bad analogy, but it gets the point across.

Shankle4662d ago

Well what I think they should do is use one TV to show both consoles, and maximise both consoles for that TV. That would actually show which console can provide a better picture.

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aiphanes4663d ago

The PS3 was and is made for the future!

Meus Renaissance4663d ago

The difference is actually bigger in reality than what it shows in this video.

aiphanes4663d ago

On a nice HD 1080p screen you can see the difference!

I got a friend who has a 73 inch 1080p DLP and the PS3 is simply amazing on this screen.

He has all the stuff turned on: RGB full, 24 FPS, SuperWhite...Some of this you can set to automatic.

Marceles4663d ago

Yeah the guy recommends downloading his HD video to show the even bigger difference, and even that doesn't do it justice. Everyone that owns a PS3 with this setting enabled understands what we're talking about when we say RGB full looks a hell of alot better than limited in person, everyone else pfft...I'm not even gonna waste my time trying to convince them

Adamalicious4663d ago

It really is. When I finally found out about it and turned it on it was like HOLY CRAP!

I Make Stuff Up4663d ago

If your TV does not support full RGB, it will not work for you.
I have attached a test pattern that was once posted on the PS3 forums at

Copy it to a memory card and use it to test your TV with the PS3 set to full RGB.
If you set it to full, and are NOT able to see the different shades of grey in the test image, your TV does not support it.
All you'll end up getting are muted greys that actually bleed into black meaning you will see less detail in dark scenes while gaming.

kai_h4663d ago

What if you can see it when you turn up the brightness a little?

I Make Stuff Up4663d ago

Then you're good to go.

My TV does not support full RGB and all I see is a big black image regardless of how high I set my brightness.
Having to turn up the brightness a bit is fine. If you can see them (and you don't necessarily have to be able to see all of the grey blocks) you can use full RGB.

Spinitus4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

bullsh1t, ur monkeya55 just making stuff up lol. :D

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