PS Vita and PS3 = Wii U?

The Wii U is very similar to how the PS3 and PS Vita work together. But, will it succeed, and will Sony finally enable remote-play across all PS3 games as a result? XTREME PSVita discusses the similarities and differences between the Wii U and PS3 / PS Vita.

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Shok2321d ago

PS Vita + PS3:

1) Not an out of the box experience.

2) Most likely more expensive than a Wii U.

3) Will only be supported by few games, like remote play.

4) Won't be used outside of a couple first-party studios.

5) Does not have NFC tech.

6) Most likely, games will not be built ground-up for this functionality.

Conclusion: Not the same thing.

DigitalAnalog2320d ago

If Wii-U really takes of successfully, you can be ascertain the SONY will try to push more "cross-play" features on the Vita. LBP2 for starters is one of them, and if that turns out well for SONY, they might push the feature to their next-gen console.

GribbleGrunger2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

why is it that articles and everyone who responds to them miss out the obvious when it comes to price? yes IF you are going to buy both for a Wiu feature it will cost you more, but for the 70 MILLION Ps3 (it will be by launch of Wiiu) owners it only means buying a Vita. of course it's also true of the other way around but we have no way of telling how many Vitas will have sold by the time the Wiiu is released.

and to be perfectly honest, if Nintendo promote the Wiiu as next generation, 140 million 360/PS3 owners will fall off their chairs laughing. why on earth would a 360 or a PS3 owner want to purchase another current gen console just to play a few Nintendo games? the ONLY feature the Wiiu has that differentiates itself from the other two current generation consoles is the controller... and that's all. and as we've seen with the new DLC coming to LBP2, the Vita is already that same controller

Ck1x2320d ago

But that's not what he's saying! With WiiU its a gurantee that a developer can include these functions with no problems. But just because ps3 has sold 65million doesn't mean that everyone wants a Vita. So how does a developer even think to include functions like these in for ps3 owners on a whim that they may or maynot have a Vita, or ever want one...

GribbleGrunger2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

but its not a guarantee. we know for sure that not all games will make it necessary to have that controller to play because Nintendo are also going to sell a traditional controller. it follows that the devs that support the traditional controller will HAVE to make sure what appears on the Wiiu controller isn't necessary, but simply an addition.

this is totally different from the Wii which meant the devs had no alternative but to support motion gaming. it's clear that the majority of third party devs will just use the Wiiu controller for an alternative to the menu system so that when you use the traditional controller those same menus appear on the TV...

this means that those same devs could very easily offer a patch for the Vita to do exactly the same (at very little cost)

Angrymorgan2320d ago

Ps vita + ps4(Orbis) = circle of life in Latin !

eagle212321d ago

WiiU means every box sold has a Gamepad. Every WiiU game sold is compatible with Nuff said....

Y_51502321d ago

PS3- $299
PsVita- $249
Need to buy PS3 AND Vita versions for remote play to work. Around $100 for both games (not including tax) Equals around $550!
I'm pretty sure the Wii U will make it so it's cheaper than that.

kikizoo2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Yeah cheaper, and an "out of the box experience", ok, but wiiu controler is a joke compared to a vita (screen, power, etc), and it's not a console ! and don't try to compare ps3 library to wiiu, even 10 years after now with zero new ps3 games, nintendo can't compete.

so if you want to really compare, don't forget anything ;)

"the wiiU pad screen actually looks crisper than the Vita screen"

[email protected] tendofan, he was already really funny and delusional on batman screenshots, comparing 6 years old hardware, ignoring the fact that the game is better on old hardward, and ignoring the fact that ps3 exclusives are >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>><& lt; to multis.

Y_51502320d ago

Ok is something wrong with you? I love my PS3 but really saying that the WiiU can never compete with it's library is ignorance at it's finest. First the WiiU hasn't launched yet but you are comparing the games between the consoles? Wow then, you hate Nintendo or something?

jacen1002321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Also the wiiU pad is allot more confortable to hold for long periods than the vita, the wiiU pad looks to have better ergonomics, and 1UP journalists actually stated in a hands on test that the wiiU pad screen actually looks crisper than the Vita screen

Sanquine902320d ago

I have searched for the looks crisper part but i have not found it jet.

Sanquine902320d ago

Says it is on par! Vita can you bring outside your house. Can you also do this with the wii U pad. Wii U pad its purpose is gaming at home. Otherwise it was less perfect with the ergonomics.

MasterCornholio2320d ago

According to several articles, the Wii U pad has a bigger screen and a lower resolution that the Vita. So technically since the Vita has a higher pixel density than the Wii U pad it's screen would be crisper also the colors on the Vitas screen are much better since it uses OLED tech while the Wii U pad uses LCD screen technology. As for the ergonomics since no one has had a chance to game with a Wii U pad non stop for many hours without a break its impossible to determine if it's more comfortable than the Vita.
5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED Multi touch screen (capacitive type)
6.2″ inch touchscreen, WVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels), 16:9 aspect ratio ( rumors is that it's a resistive screen)


jacen1002320d ago

Yes you are corrent in what you say,like yourself i have not used the wiiU pad so can only go by what people who have used it tell us

solidworm2320d ago

The success of the WiiU depends squarely on its price point. if its cheap it as a chance. If its expensive only the Nintyfanboys will buy it. That is a gaming truth. It is already old gen so I shall be going nowhere near it.,

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