Nintendo won't sell the Wii U at a loss

Nintendo says that they will not be selling the Wii U console at a loss when it launches later this year.

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SpiralTear2325d ago

Nintendo sure is taunting us with this mysterious Wii U price point. Hopefully the console won't be higher than $400. If it's more expensive than that, I'll probably have to wait a while to get one.

LOGICWINS2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

"Nintendo says that they will not be selling the Wii U console at a loss when it launches later this year."

$349.99 at least confirmed. Stupid move considering there will be $199 PS3s and 360s on the market with an accumulation of six years worth of games to choose from. It's gunna be another 3DS scenario. They'll release at $400 to see whose crazy enough to buy it at that price(basically get money from the hardcore Ninty fans first)...then when sales quickly dwindle, they'll drop it to $250 to make people THINK they are getting a great deal since they're saving 150 bux.

Hisiru2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

349.99, huh? Nice! Do you have any inside info? How do you know the hardware is so expensive?

LOGICWINS2325d ago

Well if I told you, it would no longer be inside info now would it? ;)

--Onilink--2325d ago

Well by looking at the graphics of the games shown, it doesnt seem like it will go over $300. Which is a great price if you ask me

Anon19742325d ago

Analysts have been warning to expect $350-$380 for awhile now.

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badz1492324d ago

From the console itself, the controller to the games...they all look cheap imo. If anyone is to take a loss for every console sold, it will be the gamers who buy such cheaply made console!

Les-Grossman2325d ago

Just look at what happened to the PS3 Nintendo. You may have the casual crowd. But the price has to be right

xflo3602324d ago

Three points...

#1 nintendo wants the casual and the core so £300 + is a no go. Ninty know wii was a success in part bcuz of the sub £300 price!!

#2 the actual tech is old and more importantly cheap tech. Also the gamepad screen isnt the best so thats quite cheap.

#3 ninty learnt a valuable lesson with the 3ds launch price. They wont make that mistake again.

So expect a price of £279.99 in the uk at the most!

LiamIRL822325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Then dig your own grave Nintendo. While Sony & MS were more than willing to make a loss to get their consoles into as many homes as possible, leave it to Nintendo and their unbelievable arrogance to reduce the potential success of Wii U

Hisiru2325d ago

Nintendo only has the console and software market while Microsoft and Sony has some other markets. How can Nintendo sell consoles at a loss? Are you crazy? And how can we say that Nintendo is going to dig it's own grave before we even know the price?

ChickeyCantor2325d ago

Yeah....cause Sony screwing up their development costs got nothing to do with it ...right?

Shadow Flare2325d ago

Being much more advanced then 360 and Wii had something to do with it

ChickeyCantor2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Oh give it a break Shadow flare.
They went over budget, almost completely killing the entire department.
They couldn't take the risk to sell it at a high price.

"Being much more advanced then 360 "

Yeah is that why they both, 360 and PS3, struggle at sub 720p?
Seriously, get your head out of where it is.

Shadow Flare2325d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Here's a lesson for 2012 sidar:

the PS3 has a bluray drive

Costs go up. Tada.

Sony shouldn't have released it at $600 but even at that price point they were selling it at a loss because the production costs were around $825. in fact it was maybe 2 years afterwards till they eventually broke even.

Everyone knew it was too expensive. But they were still selling it at a loss. Why? High technology.

The bluray drive and cell processor along with all the other various memory card slots, hdmi ports, 4x USB, built in ps2 hardware set etc. (all of which 360 had none of) all ramped up cost. Eventually with the slim model a lot of the features were lost to decrease production cost. And features like backwards compatibility with it.

The ps3 was designed to be future proof. Which console today still pushes graphical boundaries? 360 or ps3? When people talk about graphics, is it ps3 games they always mention or is it 360 games?

I think that answers your question on whether 360 and ps3 are the same.

One is still relevant and pushing the bar and is still fresh. Because it has high technology. And the other has been flat lining for a while now. No one talks about 360's graphics.

So I agree that the ps3 was too expensive. But it wasn't over priced. Cos I bought it knowing it was going to last me a very long time and that it was going to stay fresh and relevant for a very long time.

What do you know. It has.

Sony always strives to have quality hardware, to have the best hardware. You're bashing Sony Sidar but Nintendo palmed off a repackaged gamecube on you. A gamecube with a waggle stick. And you paid full price for the privilege. Duped.

juaburg2325d ago

I doubt it'll be that expensive buddy :) well lets hope not.

Optical_Matrix2325d ago

Considering the hardware aside from the tablet tech is about 7 years old, as well as the tablet itself being a glorified DS screen with buttons, I don't think it's gonna cost much to build these things. However, I hope Nintendo isn't arrogant like they were with the 3DS and sell it well above what its actually worth. That'd only go to show they haven't learned from their mistakes.

Anything above £250 is pushing it. Above £300 and it'll be a disaster, mark my words.

Thecraft19892325d ago

The power 7 CPU in the WII U as confirmed by IBM back in 2011 is 2 years old.

BubloZX2325d ago

But again its custom built. Its supposed to be using less threads and cores from the original power 7 CPU its based on.

jacen1002325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Which parts are 7 years old in the wiiU? the suspected radeon R700 which is rumoured to be in the wiiU is roughly 4 years old.
the rest is all new
love how people slate things when they hevent a clue realy

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