E3 2012 Report Card: Score Card of the Giants

"Gameranx has put together report cards of each of the publisher press conferences at E3. Read on to find out how each company performed at the event."

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rezzah2348d ago

I wonder if little kids would get nightmares from look at that face.

EVILDEAD3602348d ago

Oh definately using this article as an example of how biased sites can be to the point where they use misinformation to judge E3.

Love it

rezzah2348d ago

There is an expectation that people who report news are to be neutral or unbiased, this way they can report the truth and not their beliefs.

I pity those with passion who get into this field, those above them want more money. Thus they must learn to adapt in working for whats popular. If they wish to change the rules of the field they are likely to lose their jobs in any attempts.

Adaptation is what it is and does not apply to this field of work only.

Parapraxis2348d ago

EVILDEAD360, please point out the bias.
I think those scores were pretty fitting, though Ubisoft earned an A+ in my books.

oohWii2348d ago

I'll say it. Sony getting an "A" is simply BULLSHOT. There it is..I said it. Especially being he concluded that smartglass, kinect, splintercell blacklist and the fact that since usher were there were cons.

Those are the type of BS cons you come up with when you really can't think of any.

And whining because MS closed with Black ops 2, really...Really...REALLY?

Man Please, the chit was biased big time.

EVILDEAD3602348d ago

'EVILDEAD360, please point out the bias. I think those scores were pretty fitting, though Ubisoft earned an A+ in my books.'

I'm fine with whatever score you give but they gave Ubi and Sony an 'A', and gave MS a 'C'. But in justifying the grades they proved their bias.

The overall description they said MS 'failed to predominately focus on the core gamers, which is the point of a press conference during expo'

Counter: MS showed Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Madden, Fifa, Fable: The Journey, Gears of War: Journey, Forza Horizon, Tomb Raider, Ascend the God, and Resident Evil 6, Call of Duty: Blsck Ops 2.

This shows that even when MS focuses 'predominantly' on core fan bloggers will pretend otherwise.

'Microsoft paying Usher a ton of cash to dance at their press conference (and dancing is all it was) showcased how the company are totally losing it. Core gamers, which is what E3 press conference is about, want to see Usher dancing around instead of seeing quality titles? Appalling'

This clearly showed how biased they were as Usher was promoting Dance Central 3, did motion capture and two songs for the game. He performed the #13 song in the country and literally was synced up with the Dance moves in the game during the performance.

But Gameranx literally pretended that MS 'lost it' and it was somehow 'appalling'

But, let's not forget how Ubi got an A but opened with 'Just Dance 4 with dancers and Flo-rida performing. Hmm does this not show how Ubi is 'losing it' or wasnt it as 'appalling'?

Look what he wrote about Kinect 'But Microsoft hasn't supported the motion sensor peripheral ever since a few months following its launch’

Complete misinformation as MS gets literally gets bashed for showing too much support. Has this site been living under a rock for the past two years?

Then look at how Sony will get a pass for Move. as his nose grows and says 'there wasn't any considerable focus on PlayStation Move during Sony's E3 presser'

What does this guy think Wonderbook was? It's a Move game that uses the PS eye like Eyepet does. Even the staunchest Sony supporter know that Sony used siginficant time for that demo. If MS had done the same demo they would have gotten nothing but 'F's frm EVERY site. This guy gave Sony a complete pass for wonderbook.

Then one of the cons was Splinter Cell: Blacklist?

‘If anyone says Splinter Cell: Blacklist looked "cool" or its returning to its roots, you have my permission to give them a slap. Ubisoft's unveil took place at Microsoft's E3 press conference via a gameplay demo and it undoubtedly looked like the title borrowed a disturbing amount of components from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’

Wait so this guy is saying to slap anyone who think Splinter Cell is 'cool', but then in the Sony write up he's trying to convince people that Wonderbook is 'cool' You have my permission to slap this guy twice. The other for pretending Splinter borrowed a 'disturbing amount' from Ghost Recon. Did this guy ever play Splinter Cell?

LOL @ marking MS down because Halo led which suprised the world and Black Ops 2 which happens to be the most anticipated game for the PS3 as well, gets the anchor spot.

Ubisoft got an A for opening with Just Dance?

Again, as in the past MS gets marked down for what the other big two have been doing forever.

This article is a perfect example to show whats happened the last two years.

But, everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is his


Forza_is_King2346d ago

@ Evil

Very well said.

That was a PERFECT break down as to the bias of the article.

I really can't see ANYONE with half a brain arguing with you after you broke it down like that and systematically dissected each area where the score for MS is unjustifiable.

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juaburg2348d ago

Its the sweety man... Sneaky prawn!

MagicAccent2348d ago

Looks like Pennywise without the makeup.

Y_51502348d ago

The just says, "My body is ready...For space!!!"

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