Nintendo Head Has No Qualms With Wii Name

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata acknowledged Wednesday the name for the company's planned home console "Wii" has been widely criticized but said he had no regrets for having come up with it.

Wii -- pronounced "we," and meant to emphasize that it's fun for everybody -- offers easy-playing games, regardless of sex, age or skills, according to Nintendo, the Japanese maker of Super Mario and Pokemon games.

The name Wii has been criticized by some as juvenile and strange. Generally, game machines names tend to have a more cutting-edge ring like Xbox and GameCube. Even Nintendo's console had been initially code-named Revolution but that was switched to Wii in April.

Iwata, who was among those who had come up with the name, said the handheld GameBoy was criticized at start as a weird name, and some had asked if that meant girls couldn't play with it. But once a product catches on, then so does the name, he told reporters at a Tokyo hotel.

"I have never thought the name was a mistake," Iwata said of Wii. "Some people seem to have a problem with it now, but I think they'll grow to like it."

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schnodder5827d ago

... and for me, it just sounds futuristic. best videogame-console name ever.

OutLaw5827d ago

I don't care what they call it as long as it's fun. The Playstation name sounded childish. But the PS1 and PS2 was and are great systems. So the name doesn't really matter.

PS360PCROCKS5822d ago

At first I was skeptical but it's pretty cool now, but who cares dude this machine is going to be very cool.