PSN is back online after worldwide outage

The worldwide outage for the PlayStation Network didn't last long, then; the PSN has resumed service.

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Dante1122320d ago

Back to Starhawk, baby! Thinking about it now, it's kinda funny how many article we got on PSN being down, when it was only down for 20 minutes.

cpayne932320d ago

I think we all had the word "hack" in the back of our minds. Seems like it was just some error or something. Thank God.

MaxXAttaxX2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I don't know about today, but most of the time these websites make news every time "PSN is down for maintenance" for less than 1 hour. It's ridiculous.

Anyway, back on topic.
How long did the outage last? I signed in on my PS3 today and didn't even realize anything happened lol.

Ducky2320d ago

^ Roughly three hours.

Virtual_Reality2320d ago

Regarding the hack, there is no justification to bring PSN down again by Crackers like they did before.

SSKILLZ2320d ago

it can't be hacked any more

pixelsword2320d ago

5,000 articles on the outage
12 articles on the restoration

That's game journalism for ya.

Anon19742320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Maybe getting slammed with people downloading those free games for PSN+? I know what's what I'm doing. LBP2, Infamous2, Just Cause 2, Warhammer 4000 Space Marine, Virtual Fighter 5, Ratchet and Clank - all 4 one, Saints Row 2, among others. I can assume there's going to be a few folks downloading this weekend and they're probably making adjustments on the fly to deal with the increased traffic. I'm currently grabbing Virtual Fighter and Infamous 2 myself.

deep_fried_bum_cake2320d ago


Anything can be hacked (computer/OS wise, I'm not saying a piece of toast can be hacked).

andrewsqual2319d ago

If PSN was "hacked" then every single PSN card code or promotional redeemable code would have been compromised because the entire system was "hacked". But it wasn't it was compromised and then the idiots were locked out of it instantly. Lol hacked.

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Kappa Mikey2320d ago

Yea I had a little mini heart attack because PSN was telling me to change my password O.o lol

LackTrue4K2320d ago


S_C2320d ago

Back to Dust 514 for me

FunAndGun2320d ago

you lucky is it so far?

S_C2320d ago

Yeah its good, have no clue how to customize tho there's that much depth to it. Its a really good game but gonna take a while to get to grips with, its gonna be free so we are all winners :)

FunAndGun2320d ago

Awesome! thanks for the feedback. have fun :)

Trebius2320d ago

Im in the Beta, DUST is giong to ROCK when it's a finished product.

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Nimblest-Assassin2320d ago

Anyone think it could be caused by overtraffic since they let PS plus members get 12 free games?


Lara Croft
Just Cause 2
Rachet And Clank

And next month there are 3 more games? Man i made PS plus worth it in one day

TheRealHeisenberg2320d ago

I must say I'm intrigued now with PS Plus. Got some questions I'm hoping you will be willing to answer.

1. If I sign up for PS Plus, will the content that is available to me be available to all users on my PS3s?

2. Will the free games that were offered this month be free next month?

DigitalRaptor2320d ago

@ TheRealHeisenberg (nice name btw)

PS Plus is awesome and you don't actually realise how much so until you experience the free games, discounts that can save you a lot, the early betas and demos, and exclusive items.

In answer to your questions:

1. Not sure.

2. You have to download the games in the month they are available to claim them for free and in the following month new games are added to replace them. But as long as you download them during that month, they will be on your Download List forever. However, you can only access those games whilst you're subscribed.

Ducky2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )


1. Yes, any accounts on the same PS3 will be able to access the content once it is downloaded/installed. However, only the original PS+ subscriber can actually download it from the PS-Store.
(I believe this is also true for any purchases on PSN as well, as even online passes can be shared on the same PS3)

2. DigitalRaptor has already answered that. As long as the PSN Store shows a red bag icon next to the game, you won't loose it until your subscription runs out.

TheRealHeisenberg2320d ago

@ DigitalRaptor and FatOldMan.

Thanks for the responses. I'll be signed up in a few minutes.

Shot out to Spenok. Thanks for PM.

andrewsqual2319d ago

So the Plus membership I re subscribed to last August is only worth it now ? Its only morons like this that believe shit like this. Every month "Oh NOW Plus is worth it." Plus was always worth it idiots, just because you missed out on 2 years of €600 of stuff, don't try and tell me it wasn't worth it for me.

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killerhog2320d ago

It was actually down more than 20 mins for some folks like myself.

kingdavid2320d ago

Thank god. I could barely sleep because I was so worried about it.

morkendo232319d ago

lets hope when PS4 comes out all security issues is safe and hackers not able to screw with it so early.

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NavySeal742320d ago

ps store is still offline in scotland just now.

but im online now though

Thecraft19892320d ago

Yeah stores dead over here in England too.

TheDopeFiend2320d ago

I've been signed in since 7pm (UK time), i played some inFamous 2 then watched The Intouchables (a French film, it was really good)

I didn't know it had even gone down

D3mons0ul2320d ago

Okay, that's great

Why did it happen?

ChunkyLover532320d ago

Glad to see its back up for all you hardcore PSN users! As a fellow gamer I hate to see bad things happen to other gamers.

I think we are all a little gun-shy when it comes to PSN because of the hack last year.

Nimblest-Assassin2320d ago

Well thank you for your concern... but I guess we are fine. Hell, I haven't been on yet, so I didn't really panic

Dead_Cell2320d ago

You have to be the nicest internet user in the world, ChunkyLover. Leave this place immediately my friend, don't let it taint you.

Redempteur2320d ago

Finally !!!
my pawn neededsome updating let's go back ur-dragon hunting !!

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