New Screenshots for Left 4 Dead

The fansite releases new images of Left 4 Dead. The game is expected to release at the end of Summer 2008.

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Says you4669d ago

so either that is a typo....??.

NegativeCreepWA4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I think its a typo. Ive been tracking the game for awhile and never seen anything on the PS3. If their smart, theyll hold off and do it themselves. Instead of handing it over to EA for bad port, like the Orange Box.

destroyah4668d ago

What the hell is up with co-op games looking so bad on 360? Can it not handle good graphics and co-op at the same time? I mean Halo 3 also looked bad. It wasn't even HD!

socomnick4668d ago

Destroya shut up . go play lair or something this here is a real game.

poos34668d ago

is there any game on the ps3 that has co-op hahaha nope it cant hadle it gears of war+halo3 laugh at ps3 games all the way to the bank he is just angry that this is another 360 exclusive that leaves sony 2008 line up left 4 dead

chrno64668d ago

poos3, resistance has co-op, and it's a launch title.
Anyways, I am picking this up for the pc since it looks pretty interesting.

power of Green 4668d ago

Smoking crack son this has better charactor design then Uncharted.

Genuine4668d ago

Your comment has been reported as SPAM. Because your nothing more than a sony troll that knows absolutely nothing about the 360.

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moujahed4668d ago

Im not talking about the game, Im saying when the only post that has relevence to the game cannot be viewed because of their " 1 bubble "

Everyone else has to mention ps3 or xbox co-op or graphics. STFU for once in your life and except that 360 has more games ( not all being good ) than the ps3, and the ps3 is catching up similar to the ps2,psp, and ps1 in the past...

This game doesnt look as good as Gears of War, or Mass Effect... but the concept seems decent.

power of Green 4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

What you posted has much more flame and fanboy promotion than all the other comments combined.

Whats "sad" is you calling out other members as an excuse to downplay this title. lol

The person with one bubble did not speak relevent to the game/screenshots and was the first person to mention the PS3, actaully the only person that didn't speak about the point of the post(talking about typo's). lol

poos34668d ago

hey noob get it into ur head EGM i have the mag dos not say its coming to the ps3 u fool its says the game is multiplat which is pc/360 u tool i have the mag the devs have said its a pc/360 game when will u fools get that into ur brain.

hazbaz4668d ago

Hi. The PS2 called, it wants its graphics back.

heyheyhey4668d ago

fanboy or not- that was funny


Jim Carrey called- he wants his bad jokes back

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The story is too old to be commented.