Why DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante Is Part Angel

Unlike the old Dante, who was part demon and part human, DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante is half-angel and half-demon. This is reflected in the game’s combat, too, where you can switch between demon and angel forms, each with their own moves. So, why did Ninja Theory include the half-angel part?

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Lord_Sloth2417d ago

Because they're stupid, that's why!

rezzah2417d ago

This means he will always be in either devil-trigger form or angel-trigger form.

Because if he isn't human how can he remain within a human form? Or do the angels look exactly like humans?

fei-hung2417d ago

This is not all though:

How does a devil go have coitis with an angel? What does this make Virgil? Does this mean angels live amongst humans? What was his mother doing as an angel on earth? Why was she the only angel involved in earthly matters? Aren't angels ment to be without a gender and therefore, is Dante also genderless?

Nothing in this games makes sense anymore.

NT must understand, story in a game is good, depth in a story is good, making characters that are more than just being 2dimensional personalities is also good, but they must understand the genre of game they are making, who their audience is and not to go overboard.

It seems they have gone a step to far with this. A lot of questions, hopefully they will be answered in the game. I will let you all know once I have played my second hand copy of it.

crxss2417d ago

@rezzah yeah they definitely have some explaining to do. hopefully NT's done a good job on the story.

nigelkay2417d ago

@fei-hung demons are fallen angels so angels and demons would be the same in regard to sexuality

ThanatosDMC2417d ago

This explains why he's such a meth head.



Not at all. In the mithology Lucifer is a fallen angel, demons are his creations that can walk in both hell or earth, but not in the heaven where angels are. DMC3 manga and DMC4 were the only ones to feature "angels" as humans that went through ascension, but in reality they were only turning into demons with angelic appearance.

The only really angelic thing in the whole series is the Wing Talisman in DMC4 which is "said" to be made of crystilized angel wings. So it hints as Angels existing sometime in the DMC universe, but that's it.

And don't really matter how we spin it, we know that Dante's mother was human so the whole discussion is pointless to the story of the franchise, Dante is a half-human half-demon, anything else only applies to this new IP desguised as DMC and its mess of a main character.

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Moby-Royale2417d ago

Do you know who else is half-angel half-demon?

Adam Sandler's "Little Nicky".

Fittingly, he was a bit slower than the norm.

D3mons0ul2417d ago

Hey, he got smashed in the face with a shovel.

Neko_Mega2417d ago

You know they could have done something like this for the old Dante, but no they had to screw it all up. Thanks [email protected]

Godmars2902417d ago

Because before there was only the Human and Demon worlds because the game's original creator came from a background not heavily influenced by Western religion, but the new one is. So now there has to be a Heaven and Hell.

Begs the question why Hell has more influence, is in control of the Human world, but what the hey.

RyuX192417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Wouldn't he still be special if he was half Human and half Demon since his Father was Sparda one of the most powerful demons who took it upon himself to take on the demons? Also it would make Dante's feats even more special since it would mean that he has trained himself very hard to kill these powerful demons while also getting a power boost because of his Powerful father. To me him being half Demon half Angel just seems overkill in this world unless Angels are super weak.

Rashonality2417d ago

*ugh* that's kinda of stretch dontcha think NT....
trying to give Dante depth by making him part angel so you can justify letting him sometimes sympathetic or a reason to fall in love with someone...
i don't want that i want a 50% demon and 50% as$hole....

Urrakia342417d ago

According to my calculations:

50% Demon + 50% Asshole = 100% Badass

redDevil872417d ago

Your calculations are incorrect mayne

Kyosuke_Sanada2417d ago

Always thought it equaled to flaming s^%t.....

Lord_Sloth2416d ago

And there's the problem. Dante was never an asshole. Just a goofball with a lot of power.

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