Escapist - E3 Preview: Tomb Raider

Steve Butts: "We haven't really heard much from Lara since last year's E3 when she escaped capture from her kidnapper. This year's demo picks up where that one left off, showing Lara escaping out onto the rest of the island where the survivors of the Endurance have washed ashore. As she stands there on the bluffs looking out at the crippled ship, she is, at that moment, definitely not the Tomb Raider we've come to know. Instead, she's a vulnerable, scared, 21-year-old college graduate who has no idea what to do next."

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Valenka2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

This guy's name is really Steve Butts? He must have been the butt of every joke. I wonder if he drives an Asston Martin. I should stop. I'm being assinine.