E3 2012: Sleeping Dogs, Chase and Gang Fight Gameplay

Save and Quit writes: "Watch as Dara takes on the role of Dectective Wei Shen on the mean streets of Hong Kong, chasing thugs, beating them to a pulp and just generally being a badass. Take a look below for our gameplay footage from Square Enix and United Front Games’ upcoming Sleeping Dogs."

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BattleAxe2321d ago

This game looks seriously lame.

NYC_Gamer2321d ago

Hmm...Those are some ugly character models.

PurplePeople0072321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

^Sleeping dogs haters are just mad because sleeping dogs has better on foot fighting than gta4 and because it looks more fun than gta4.

Stay MAD sleeping dogs haters.

Brash_Attack2321d ago

Opinions = Haters?

It's a sad world we live in...