Who Really Won E3 2012?

Wesley Copeland of VGI writes...

"Each year, publishers and developers alike take to the stage of E3 in a bid to showcase their latest and greatest titles, in an attempt to get us, the gaming public, informed and excited about what the year holds for us. E3 should be the gaming Mecca, an event that encompasses everything that is great about the world of video games and serves as a platform to whet our appetites. Only it didn't. This year, the spirit, and the basic foundations that E3 tries to encapsulate, simply died."

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Patriots_Pride2375d ago

The wonder book, Usher nut grabbing and Nintendos gimmick tablet won E3.

paddystan2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

My list:

1) Ubisoft
2) Sony
3) EA
4) Nintendo
5) Microsoft

corrus2375d ago

My granny stop asking the same question again and again

2375d ago
VGI2375d ago

Could I be really cheeky and ask a favour of everyone who wants to commetn?

I have a theory that the winner of E3 is all down directly to the demographic.

Obviously it's not all demographic based for every single person, that would be insane, but I've noticed a trend.

Gamers with kids are really excited by the Wii U. There's no doubt this will be a great way to spend Christmas day.

Gamers in general (16-25ish) declare the winner as Sony. They, afterall, were focused on hot, new games.

And lastly, Microsoft employees think Microsoft won...Because they're paid to say that.

So, if everyone who comments could let me know their age (rougly is fine), and if you do, or don't have kids or bothers/sisters, that would be really awesome.

As I said, I'm thinking this year's E3 is set apart directly by the target demographic. This is still just a theory, so I'd love some feedback so that I can determine whether or not the demo theory is accurate or me just talking out my ass.

Cheers all!

TheWretched2375d ago

I am 30...

and in my opinion, it's a draw between Sony and Ubisoft. Sony, because they have "the balls" to show us 3 new IPs at one conference, two of which I really care for (Beyond and TLOU). And Ubisoft, because in general, their games have more of my interest (as I am not really an fps player at all).

Nintendo... I missed the first half of the show, as I was playing Yakuza 4 (nice game btw, and a bargain to obtain now). What can I say. I don't care for their games at all... and the stuff they did show for the tablet was gimmicky at best. Nothing "game changing" as you put it, in my opinion. This is supposed to be their killer app, yet I can't see how. I don't care for Mario or Pikmin or Lego... I mean Nintendoland. Sure, other people like those, but... stay away from me, please. I've grown very much away from Nintendo (well, I only ever owned a Gameboy, so I am less "biased" from my childhood... and I don't mean this as an offense).

EA was too shooterheavy in my opinion. Yet NFS looked good.

MS... well, they didn't show any real games, so... meh.

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