The most important things to a gamer are...

We gamers are simple creatures on the out side, any complexities we may carry around with us are dealt with in the digital realm, we're free to do as we please in our polygon worlds, but we can't rely on everything being taken care of via the wagging of our thumbs. Sure a rubix cube would be enough to keep some nuts happy for weeks, but gamers need things, without these things we start to loose our edge and dare I say it wind up at the big continue screen in the sky.

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JonahNL2324d ago

Then comes music, in my opinion. =)

guitarse2324d ago

Oooh thats a good one, but in most cases the game has that side covered :)

Dasteru2324d ago

Order of importance IMO.

Music (Sets the mood and atmosphere)

kneon2324d ago

For me it's atmosphere and immersion. And that all comes from the art style, story, sound, graphics, physics, AI, voice acting and game play. None are more important than the others, the best games are the ones that manage to get every aspect right.

WagFanger2324d ago

Batteries??? Not on PS. Charge cables FTW

But seriously, this article is barely about games. For me gameplay, story, graphics, sound.

guitarse2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

The PS3 controller still has a battery inside it, not magic! rechargable, throw away, they're still batteries regardless.

The article is not about games, its about Gamers, the people who play them and is just a bit of fun, if I had wrote an article about "what makes a good game" then those items would fit nicely :) maybe next week haha.

Lucretia2324d ago

Gamers want to shoot thing apparently.

or atleast the majority. its why devs are forced to not be creative while being creative at the same time.

makes the industry at a stalemate sorta.

for myself I want a simple fun game, it doesn't have to follow any real rules. let the artist create what they want.

if we constrict devs then we would never get wonders like shadow of the colossus, heavy rain,Demons souls, Ico, and all the great games that follow their own rules.

its what makes a game more engaging and fun but people always want Sequels, always complain when a different shooter has a different button layout than COD and etc.

the majority of gamers like cookie cutters so thats what the industry is full of and is why we have so few gems this gen.

guitar_nerd_232324d ago

Good list swap batteries for mary jane though for me.

turgore2324d ago

Level design, which basically is part of gameplay. Thats why I love deus ex so much.

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