Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gets Dated At TGS 2012

A tipster apparently overheard this on the E3 showroom floor: Square Enix plans to give the world an official release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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xneoarcx2320d ago

I hope it's true!!
I hope it's true!!
I hope it's true!!
the problem with me i never trust rumors until I know it is confirmed from developer by announcing it in gaming shows or a video reveal on their websites.

GraveLord2320d ago

Rumors end up being true 75% of the time.

ash_divine2320d ago


Not sure if being sarcastic... or just plain crazy.

Commander_TK2320d ago

Still have faith when Nomura is on board. Hopefully TLG and Resident Evil Portable will also make appearances.

blitz06232320d ago

If it is true, my guess is mid 2014, which basically means they can just announce the release date next year anyway

gaffyh2320d ago

@blitz - Seriously doubt that. If they're announcing at TGS, I'd think it is more likely that we'll see a December release date in Japan (same as FF13 and 13-2), and around February for the rest of the world (maybe March).

PshycoNinja2320d ago

I was at E3 and when I asked about Versus XIII they wouldn't even say if the game was in development or not. That's how quiet they are being on the game.

However the person did say that we should get news on the game at some point this year. Take what you want from that but by December 31 of this year, they better have something to say about Versus XIII.

AKS2320d ago

Over 43.5% of dubious statistics are spontaneously made up. At least 84% of people know that.

Kevin ButIer2319d ago

Better be there, i almost lost all my hopes on this game

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torchic2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

if Versus XIII isn't shown at TGS I will personally storm the Square Enix HQ, walk into the First Production Offices and ask Mr. Nomura:

"what the flying f*** are you doing??"

mark my words.

2320d ago
El_Assenso2320d ago

@ torchic, have you learnt nothing from Solid Snake!!!

specialguest2320d ago


Storms SE building and catches Nomura alone in his office. Grabs him by the shirt with finger pointing in inches away from his face while giving him the lecture of his life.


Arrives at the parking lot gate with no way of entering. Hesitant on what to do next. Grabs 2 weeks old McDonalds burger wrapper left in your junky car and attempts to toss it through the gate in a fit of frustration(Yeah...that'll teach him) only to have the wind blow it back. Sees security car casually strolling by and runs back into the your car and drive off in fear.

saulx602320d ago

@ specialguest I go to this website everyday and always read the comments to the news that seems to interest to me and I think its been about a year since i logged into my account but i just want to say that was hilarious i dont know why anyone would disagree to that funny comment.

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Nimblest-Assassin2320d ago

Not a FF fan.... but my friends have been waiting for this game for a long time...

princejb1342320d ago

Probably 4th quarter 2013

crxss2319d ago

i can see it now...

FFV13 gets a release date at TGS 2012... then it gets delayed... LOOOL

Arcanine2319d ago

Final Fantasy vs 13 = 2013 13 GET IT

SlxTeN2319d ago

It kinda has to be true, otherwise it would make square Enix really look silly to release another final fantasy before versus.

iMaim2319d ago

they said that last year ...

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Pozzle2320d ago

I hope it's true, but "a tipster apparently heard this at E3" isn't exactly the most reliable news source. :(

trenso12320d ago

let this be true but i dont want to get to excited yet. always have to take versus news with a pound of salt.