E3 2012: We All Know Nintendo's E3 Press Conference Failed Immensely This Year - But Why?

Velocity Gamer analyses the overhwelming Nintendo E3 failures: "Three days ago, everybody who was anybody in the gaming industry had all eyes glued to the screen in heated anticipation for what Nintendo, one of the big three, had new to offer us with the Wii U in what was hoped to be a spectacular showcase. Buzzing with excitement, gamers, journalists and analysts both at the E3 conference and all over the world sat impatiently fidgeting in their seats, wondering what the Big N would wow us with this year. Alas, all of us filled to the brim with hype and expectations were given a sub-standard disappointment on that day – not that it was extremely appalling, but where was everything we had been building up for ever since last year’s E3? [...]"

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WagFanger2324d ago

Because they showed basically nothing new despite having a new console to show - all sequels, with one or two new IPs.
Once again they put dumb features over functionality. The only people that were genuinely impressed by the WiiU were blind Nintendo fantards and people forgetting it's a next-gen console competing with current gen consoles.

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GameLord082324d ago

@WagFanger: If you have to look at your lap while using the GamePad, obviously you don't know how and where to hold it properly.

PockyKing2324d ago

I just wanna hold that gamepad myself to see how big it is in my hands. I just cant see myself holding a controller close to the size of an Ipad to play games. I've heard a lot of people say it feels great though so we'll just have to wait and see.

solidjun52324d ago

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fei-hung2324d ago

It looks as if Nintendo do not want to show of the WiiU completly as of yet and it just felt like everyone was scared of giving away their hand of cards. As a result, no one got what they wanted and all the showings were lacking anything mildly exciting.

Nintendo: We still dont know specs, price, tablet controller costs and if one comes free with it, 3DS functionality with the WiiU if any.

MS: Nothing on next gen, no price drops, other than Halo no big sequels being announced (Forza 5, Gears 4, Alan Wake 2).

Sony: No big sequels, no price drops on any hardware, nothing about the cloud gaming deal, nothing on next gen, nothing new on Sony Suit or Sony mobile.

It seems as if MS and Sony are prolonging dropping price until Nintendo make their move. In the meantime, they are offering extra connectivity with other devices to go up against the WiiU without much extra acost or having the need to buy a new console.

Nintendo seem to be be unsure what to do to keep the WiiU relevant and not to fall flat on their face after making the reveal last E3 about what the WiiU could possibly do.

Hopefully, TGS will shed light on a few of these things.

GameLord082323d ago

With regards to specs and price, Satoru Iwata of Nintendo had already said two months prior to E3 that they would NOT be revealing that. So, that really doesn't have anything to do with it.

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Mikefizzled2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Failing to capitalize on something new you are bringing to your console can be a big mistake. In this case Nintendo didn't show the true power of the WiiU and instead showed games like Lego and Mario. Whilst these looked crisp and great they certainly wasn't pushing the boat out on graphics.

Colonel_Dante2324d ago

*reads headline* Boring.lame. and MORE smoke and mirrors marketing + Reggies Zombie head that loves french food.
Isnt that reason enough?
Oh, yeah.I forgot, their next gen is from 2006.

Sgt_Slaughter2324d ago

Okay, so ONE BAD SHOW, will determine how a console will do for 5-7 years in the future... I think the PS3 would like to have a word with you. They could be saving A LOT of games for later in the Wii U life cycle, 1-2 years into it. Nintendo has about 2 or 3 shows left if they do a Nintendo Direct again, so if your complaining about the games then this should ease your pain.

Also some of the "problems" that a couple of you have with the Wii U are some of the stupidest ones that I have ever heard.

(Insert something else here)

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