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gamrReview: "I even began to wonder if Soul Sacrifice was in LA at all when I didn’t see it on the show floor. While walking around in SCEA’s upper deck area for media I just happened upon it while I was looking for another title I knew was up there. While my time with Soul Sacrifice was short, what I saw was nothing but encouraging."

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Spectator12350d ago

Wow, sounds really good.

Torillian2350d ago

Was so happy I found this at Sony's 2nd floor booth. Was honestly disheartening when it wasn't shown at the press conference

Spectator12350d ago

Odd not to show it at the conference, it sounds really good, and could obviously do with more exposure.

garos822349d ago

Wow sounds good and disturbing! Anyone know if it will be released for ps3.this sounds like another souls game from from software.I can't wait to see hear more

Sanquine902349d ago

Playstation vita exclusive! So not playstation 3 thank god! ( Also have a ps3. Vita need more exclusives)

MasterCornholio2349d ago

Not just that but since it's exclusive for the Vita they can fully concentrate on the hardware and provide unique features to the game. Sort of like the bonus tower in MK Vita.


Wolfbiker2349d ago

This is my most anticipated game for the Vita. And the Vita has a lot of games I'm excited for. =D