TGS06: Fuzion Frenzy 2 trailer

Microsoft also released this trailer of Fuzion Frenzy 2, which recently had it's own demo uploaded on the Marketplace.

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Brian3605846d ago

is this going to be an arcade title??
cos if its not not worth paying full price for

THAMMER15846d ago

And it is fun. I be buying my self I hope its under $50.00 though. If not I'll get it used.

pRo loGic II5846d ago

Great game, nice to see an old fashiond family fun game. I had a blast playing it last night with some friends. It was popular with the wemem.

THAMMER15846d ago

My wife loves it too. And before I was married it got a few to stay on the hook for a while. Mario party works the same for family and couch or dorm room dates.

Noxel5846d ago

Hopefully Fusion Frenzy 2 will include online functionality -- Playing with friends online and downloadable content (Like mini game additions, characters..etc)

Fusion Frenzy 1 was cool, but got boring pretty quickly because there weren't too many different mini games, and there was no online play.

The graphics in fusion frenzy 2 don't look like anything spectacular, which is alright, aslong as it's alot of fun.

I doubt this is an aracade title however, since the original was a full game, and you don't usually see microsoft advertising arcade titles with trailers and such..

zinnia5846d ago

This game rocks and it has plenty of minni games i think it's has a cute art style and it looks good for what it is. It looks good on my HDTV.