Why Do We Love Post-Apocalyptic Games?

The Apocalypse is a pretty common theme found in gaming, whether it's in the shape of Fallout or I Am Alive. What is our obsession with the end of the world? Randal from explores this question.

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EVILDEAD3602326d ago

We like them the same reason we like movies. Survival in an unknown future with zombies, vamps, etc. If you want a movie to watch that reminds me of some of what 'Last' is trying to convey try the AMAZING 2011 flick 'Stakeland'


Godmars2902326d ago

I was tired of them after Fallout 3, and I've never played Fallout 3.

Hicken2326d ago

I don't particularly care for post-apocalyptic games one way or another. If the game looks interesting, I'll play it. That's all there is to it.

The Last of Us looks amazingly interesting, so I'm very excited for it.

KingofGambling2326d ago

I'm not speaking for all gamers this is just me.
I couldn't care less about post apocalyptic, if the games intrigue me, than I'll look into it. As for The Last of Us its the developer, Naughty Dog is a very talented developer this gen and I hope many gamers and casual would look into this game.