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Michael Futter writes: There were a lot of things I was expecting when the wonderful PR rep from Ubisoft walked me over to the Far Cry 3 co-op stations. Jungles, pirates and gun play were all present, but so was a decidedly familiar influence. Swap out pirates for zombies, and I’d swear I was playing a new Left 4 Dead title. For me, this isn’t a bad thing, even if it is derivative.

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Honest_gamer2326d ago

the co-op campaign looked good, as long as the co-op hasnt gimped the single player experience that i love so much then im happy, if single player has been gimped this this has gone from a day 1 to a when ever i can find it in a cheap sale, i like online but i take single player 1st every time

morganfell2326d ago

I am planning on getting this for the Co-op. But there is an issue. I have been digging on the web and was wondering if they ever reversed the idiotic decision to remove voice chat in multiplayer.

It is laughable the way they stood on stage and lied to the world. The producer had said there would be no voice chat in multiplayer yet here they were, 4 of them standing on the stage during the co-op demo working as a team, yelling at each other what to do.

Hardly an accurate portrayal of the game for a producer that said voice chat ruins multiplayer. I wanted so badly to see them stand there silently trying to text while they were shot.

Now we'll have to use Teamspeak or Skype on our PCs whether we have the console version or the PC. Just complete idiocy in game design.

If anyone can find a link where Ubisoft had changed their mind I would like to see it.

Honest_gamer2326d ago

yeh that is pretty bad, it would be a nightmare asking for backup or something if there's no ingame chat, on the xbox u can go into a party, on the pc you can just go on skype, on the ps3 you will just have to use the text chat i guess or literally text them lol, wow i JUST now found the 1st good use of party chat on xbox live 0.o (or atleast for me, or atleast for me as i HATE talking when on multiplayer but co-op is different, why dont they not have no talking online but in co-op have chat available?)

also i also think its good not having talking in it, as ive said many times i dont like talking on games during multiplayer and muting everyone at the start of the game means im 20/30 secodns behind the team before i can move as im muting everyone, so i normaly play with the tv muted and jsut listen to music of the laptop.....oh i guess if i went into a party on my own i wouldn't hear the in game chat o.0 im o a roll today finding loads of uses for party chat that ive always just dismissed lol, oh but i mainly game on the ps3 as the controller is better (IN MY OPINION) so its good to know the usefulness of it but i wont use it much :/

Igniter2326d ago

There is voice chat in FC3 MP. See question #18.

BattleAxe2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )


Good to know, since this will be my main multiplayer game starting in September. I'm trying to get my friends away from their CoD addiction, and I'm hoping that this game will do the trick. MoH also looks like the same old crap.

Summons752326d ago

I really wished they talked about the Map Editor instead, most important part of any far cry game.

Gran Touring2326d ago

Yeah, come to think of it, I haven't heard ANY news about the map editor in FC3...They are still having it right?

Summons752326d ago

they confirmed it but just haven't talked about it

pixelsword2326d ago

Wow; left4dead didn't have half of the abilities that even the E3 demo showed, so I don't get how blowing up a bridge in the middle of a firefight and shooting at fast unarmed zombies can even be compared.

PaladinXII2326d ago

Constant flood of pirates. Set piece moments where you have to hold up and wait for *something* to happen (repair a train, load up bridge with explosives, etc).

Is it a perfect analog to L4D? No. But when I played it and all of us expressed the same sentiments when we were finished the demo, it's hard to argue the similarities. Even at the beginning when you are hovering above the four people and zoom into first person behind their eyes. There are a lot of things that have been taken from the formula.

Maybe you'll feel different after you play it. Until you do, I might suggest holding off on criticizing my comparison.

pixelsword2325d ago

That's your opinion on a demo; you had the right to say what you wanted to, and so do I.

If you know that the analogy wasn't apt, you should have balanced out your story with such distinctions, as a journalist writing a story ought to. Until you do, I might suggest you grow thicker skin and learn from criticism.

PaladinXII2325d ago

I didn't say the analogy wasn't apt. I said it wasn't perfect. Again, having played it, my comparisons still stand.

There are many similarities that evoke the feel of Left 4 Dead. You didn't understand how they could be compared. I tried to educate you.

2326d ago