EA Sports in Decline?

Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel believes that investors are giving EA too much credit and that the declining sales and average selling prices on titles like Madden is "troubling."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4670d ago

Pro Evo 2008 is the WORSE PRO EVO EVER and still way better then Fifa 2008!

marinelife94670d ago

When does that NFL License run out?

Sony should pickup a license from the NFL when it does.

PS360WII4670d ago

I'm hoping next year 2k game will be better! If they make it that is...

Umm but didn't Madden 08 make a few record sales or something? Was never a big Madden/football vg fan anyway so.

I'd be more inclinded to get a Madden game if I knew they spent time and effort into it. You know maybe take 2 years making a game rather than recycle the game put a new cover on it.

Rattles4670d ago

Peter moore will be off to destroy Nintendo now.

AceLuby4670d ago

Madden 08 = Madden 07 w/ updated lineups. Biggest disappointment of the year IMO. I'm never buying an EA game again.

GIJeff4670d ago

have fun NOT playing BF, Crysis, ANYTHING sims related(spore), or burnout.

Lotto4670d ago

Well EA didnt make Crysis and Battlefield 1942. Not sure about burnout

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