Microsoft steals a gem from Sony with Joe Danger: The Movie

Microsoft has a knack for picking up the cream of the crop when it comes to independent, or smaller titles suited for the Xbox Live Arcade. They've scored another one for Arcade fans with Hello Games' Joe Danger: The Movie. This true sequel to the original sees the stuntman becoming a superstar, who must perform various feats on a variety of transportation devices. You'll be judged on style, scoring points for doing tricks, and making it across the finish line in the best times.

Sitting down with Sean Murray of Hello Games, to discuss Joe Danger at E3 2012, we got an early look at what'll be arriving exclusively on XBLA later this year.

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units2983d ago

Funny how people forgot about that

Dante1122983d ago

True, kinda like how Splinter Cell: Conviction was exclusive to the 360 but now, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is coming to the PS3.

cstyle2982d ago

Blacklist was never an exclusive title. Thats BS.

DigitalRaptor2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Did Hello Games even care to explain to PS3 owners why they chose to completely ignore us for the sequel, especially the ones that supported the original on PSN? I don't think they did. I don't care if they're a small indie team, they didn't even acknowledge us with a blog post or anything. Give me a link proving otherwise, and I'd have more respect for them, but what kind of developer does that?

Screw 'em.

GribbleGrunger2983d ago

agreed. money spoke louder than principles in this case.

PirateThom2982d ago

Yeah, that annoys me, I bought that game day 1 and now I won't buy any of their other games, even if it is the "timed exclusive" XBLA thing.

Jazz41082982d ago

It doesn't sound like its timed. Psn just won't get it like in conviction, masseffect1, dead rising, and many more.

Gamer19822982d ago

Doesnt matter the first game didnt sell that well anyway

WayneKerr2982d ago

Sounds like it bombed on PSN, I dont think it will do well on XBLA due to there being so many good games on the comapared to the sparse PSN.

joeorc2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )


and we get the standard, "Game's just do not do that well on playstation myth"

Doesnt matter the first game didnt sell that well anyway



does this sound like it Bombed?

Develop 2010: Attendees bemused by reasons why the popular PSN title fell at early hurdlesDevelop 2010: Attendees bemused by reasons why the popular PSN title fell at early hurdles.

Hello Games took to the stage at the Develop Conference today to exact revenge on the publishers that turned down the Joe Danger project.

Sean Murray, a programmer at the studio, revealed that Joe Danger sold 50,000 copies in its first week on the PlayStation Network. Yet Hello Games struggled to convince publishers that the title would work.

Without naming any names, Murray went through a list of reasons why the game was turned down, quoting what he had heard from various publishers in meetings. Attendees at the Develop session broke into laughter.

The list, as quoted by Murray, can be found below:

“Name me one popular game with motorbikes?”

”Collecting giant coins feels unrealistic to me”

”I can see this working as a Facebook app”

”We want games that are less about fun right now”

”We love the theme, but with a different game”

”We believe the iPhone will be largely unsupported”

”Can Joe be a monkey? We like Monkeys”

the [email protected] Game made on its 1st day 100% ROI and in first week made 10 times the ROI!

it must have bombed so bad that the developer's just had to make the 2nd one exclusive to XBLA and that the developer's said they are not returning to the PSN..after they made such more than 10 times back than what they made for investment into making this game, and yet why the 2nd game is not going to PSN?

when you get statements from the developer such as this.

"Why choose PSN? It was the only way we could self-publish," said Murray. " XBLA is kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers. There are games that do amazingly well. But there's two titles released every week and a lot of those are falling in that 25,000 or less category."

so those on here saying we helped you get where you did and you go and ignore the people that put you there.


brish2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )


"I dont think it will do well on XBLA due to there being so many good games on the comapared to the sparse PSN."

Sparse psn?! I have to assume you're joking?

"This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it."

cstyle2982d ago

Live is just better for revenue dude. Its no secret. games on xbox live arcade just sell more.

joeorc2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

oh yes that must be the reason right...?

"Live is just better for revenue dude. Its no secret. games on xbox live arcade just sell more."

so let me get this have zero proof about that claim about live is just "better for revenue" than over PSN?

please post away some of those figures of Revenue on download game sales on digital download's on games; me and other's will be waiting for those fact's.


face it, it's just there was an incentive for this indie developer to go with Live over PSN and to make it exclusive. IE: money to promote, or the developer was paid outright to make a 2nd game exclusive to Xbox360.

If the studio want's to do that; than that's fine, no problem but do not expect people to support your studio if you shirk the consumer's that would like to buy your 2nd game if your not going to even release it later down the line on a platform they already own that the 1st game already released on. Unless your studio expect's people to buy a 2nd platform for just your game, than hey good luck too ya.

smashcrashbash2982d ago

Please, don't say ignorant things just because Xbox Live got ANOTHER Joe Danger game.We already got the first one and it sold very well for a downloadable game.Also you obviously have never actually had PSN if you think it is sparse. Please don't talk crap. I don't go running around pointing out the games that Xbox Live doesn't have that are on the PSN or the games that seemed to be exclusive to them and was put on PSN. Don't forget we have games that were once exclusive to Live as well.

Eddie201012982d ago

@Waynekerr and Cstyle

You are ignorant.

PSN Releases just as many games as Xbox live, Many are the same games that Xbox live release, PSN has many award winning exclusives that aren't timed exclusive and will never see the light of day on Xbox live. We have already seen many Xbox live exclusives eventualy make their way to PSN.

Eclusivity on Xbox live just means they have big bucks to pay for it and even then they can only get timed exclusivity. If Joe Danger were a failure on PSN I doupt that Microsoft would have payed for exclusivity or even wanted the game.

Just add Waynekerr and Cstyles comments to the long list of Xbot fanboy ignorant Myths.

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GamingPerson2982d ago

That is what MS is all about! Take from PC, take from Playstation and call xbox the ultimate experience.

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