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hella whip4670d ago

Can't wait for some of the games this year! Little big planet and GT5 Prologue have got me most excited. Never played a final fantasy or metal gear solid before so will definately try them out (Although I doubt FF will be out in Europe this year)

hella whip4670d ago

Hows that proof? People are gonna call BS unless u provide a source. Would be cool though.

Ri0tSquad4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Look at this picture.
Definitely tell its a real background just photoshopped with Crysis guy in it. If I'm wrong then holy sh!t those are some good graphics but I'm pretty sure its fake.

Same picture I reposted but poorly photoshopped into the tv with transparency.

Ares844670d ago

But those are BS shots!!! It's clear that the jungle is from real life...just added a little blur to it and the gun and radar from Crysis! Nice try tough!

mintaro4670d ago

im calling, shenanigans

0pt1cK1ll3r4670d ago

more radial blur needed on that image, maybe try adding some noise to the background and blur it a tad bit.

Also poorly rendered(cut out) gun image, you can clearly notice the white line around the top part of the gun.

Though that would be cool if that was Crysis on PS3 I would so lol then.

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Iron Man 24670d ago

LMFAO at the Xbox fanboys saying the Xbox 360's lineup is going to be better than the PS3's 2008 lineup,they are SO in denial that it's not even funny anymore...or is it?;)

I can't wait for all of these games to drop,especially both MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet

spike4670d ago

The 360 2007 lineup was still better than the PS3 2008 lineup.

jwatt4670d ago

GTA, mgs4, gt5, Haze, LBP, WKS, Killzone, resistance, DMC, RE5, Socom, Agency, Eight days, and Infamous all on the ps3!

akaFullMetal4670d ago

sony will have a great year this year, if for some reason it doesnt, then i dont know how they will catch up to the 360.