Siliconera:Look, Castlevania For 3DS Is Not Metroidvania, It’s An "Action Combat" Game

"Although, this game has a map to explore it is not really a Metroidvania. It is very much an action combat game based on the Lords of Shadow universe. One of the things people really liked about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was the combat aspect of it. Mixing up strategies, using light and shadow magic, sub weapons, and things like that. So, we beefed that up," Cox replied. "Our audience was telling us they wanted a bigger exploration element to the game, so we added a more traditional exploration side."

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NovusTerminus2322d ago

... Well, this sucks.

Well, off to recollect the older games and continue playing Harmony of Despair until Koji and Ayami get back into the franchise.

RyuX192321d ago

I don't know if it was explained in the article, but David Cox said that it will still have the exploration of Metroidvania's, but it won't have things such as leveling up your character. Basically it's old CV mixed with Metroidvania.

2322d ago
Venox20082321d ago

It IS metroidvania, in interview devs said so