Best Reasons PS3 Is Going to Kick Ass in 08'

The 360 blew it's load last year and now it's the Playstation 3's turn. Only a few weeks into the new year and the PS3 has quickly become THE system for gamers to own. A couple of us here at the Pail sat down and figured out how and why the PS3 is going to kick ass in 2008.

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zambrota4666d ago

cant wait for mgs4,lbp,killzone 2 and resistance 2

jiggyjay4666d ago

Its funny because we've heard this all before! Sonys holiday lineup with Lair, Heavely Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and the new 40gb PS3.. Sony pretty much fixed everything that was wrong with the PS3(no games, high price tag)this past holiday and i still was owned by the 360!

"But those games are new IPs! Blaahh blahhh!"

Yeah and so was GOW and any other games on the 360s lineup in 2006 but it was still able to sell 1.3 million consoles in december 06.. How much did the PS3 sell this past holiday? 780k was it? Pray for a miracle sony fanboys because that is what you need now to come out on top this gen!

zambrota4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

no game on any console ---i repeat no game is of the magnitude of mgs4.

That game is just huge --a game that will sell millions in europe and japan( regions where pokemon ,nintendo ds games and pes can only reach a million in sales).

When Gears was launched there was no competition + there was no no games in the market of its calibre

Uncharted(900k at the moment) sold extremely well in europe and is going to reach a million copies in the next few weeks on a worldwide basis. Uncharted however did decent in USA (325k in 2 months is by now means bad ).

so 400k in 2 months in Na( Us +canada +mexico +other AMerican countries) is satisfactory for a game which is actually not geared towards a US audience.

Had Uncharted,Heavenly Sword or Ratchet been FPS then it would have been a different story.

You can point out to UT3 and Orange Box?

why would someone buy Orange box on ps3 when many have termed it as a gimped version.

COD4 took the gloss away from all FPS and that included Halo 3 as well.

PS3 owners did purchase FPS but not UT3 but COD4(522k on PS3 in december)

Proven X360 games are in the market already --Forza 2,Halo 3,PGR4 etc.However no proven IPs of ps3 are in the market except Ratchet which is normally not a game that can sell like gangbusters

It is tough to fight competition without Proven IPs. But even despite that PS3 went on to beat xbox 360 in worldwide sales.

Uncharted did its job in europe and to some extent in Na too


I am assuming that Ff13 wont be coming out in 2008 so that makes mgs4 the biggest game for 2008 by default

INehalemEXI4666d ago

FF franchise outsells MGS franchise so FF13 is likely to match or exceed MGS4/MGO.

The aprox. totals sold by the franchises are like MGS 20 million FF 80 million.

Cwalat4666d ago

the second year of 360, they released their biggest titles, Bioschock and Halo 3...

the second year of PS3, they will do the same, MGS4, Killzone 2, FF XIII and Versus, Resistance 2, Littlebigplanet, Agency, (maybe)Uncharted 2 (cause they have already started and we all know they have same potential as Insomniac), Heavenly Sword 2, Motorstorm 2, Gran Turismo Prolouge, (unlikely but who knows) God of war 3...

we can see huge difference in the lineup for both of the consoles 2nd year.. this is why many think PS3 will dominate in 08, and u really cant disagree...

tomfoolery4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Sony PS3s fanboys greatest attribute!
Grow up BLIND PLAYTSTATION FOLLOWERS...........the jig is up!
At least in America,the worlds biggest gaming market.
The 360 has earned 1st place game console (WII not included) this round.
We're talking next gen consoles here folks.....not the last gen graphics wise WII!

PS PS..........
to new people who come here(n4g)......heads up.
This is a completely Sony PS3 biased let you know the truth.

Another truth is..........their system is losing this console war for a lot of reasons,so don't buy into any of this Sony fanboy nonsense in here.......honestly.

PS #2
I will post this as much as possible on every thread so people know the truth about this joke of a Sony overwhelmed site!

LastDance4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Dub your a fool.... how many FF games are there compared to MGS.

Silly boy

Daishi4666d ago

Zambrota can you explain your reasons for making Metal Gear sound so big? It may be huge but it doesn't have that mass appeal some of the other games it's going against have, like Super Smash Bros. or GTP for instance. It will be MASSIVE for fans such as myself but I don't see it going much farther than that to be realistic.

DARKKNIGHT4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

how exactly G.T. is not mentioned, is beyond me.

TechnicalBS4666d ago

There's no denying that the PS3 is going to perform better this year, and that it's going to have a hell of a lot of better games. But there's no way the PS3 will ever catch up. Unless they drop the price again, it's not going to happen.

Both the Wii and X360 have this hands down. And besides, I don't think MGS4 is going to be that great anyways. It'll sell but no where near the amount of copies Halo 3 and Gears of War sold. I'm not saying it's going to be a bad game, but the fan base for the genre is no way near that of RPGs and FPS, specifically the stealth genre.

Note: I have all three consoles including the PS3.

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AllroundGamer4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

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MADGameR4666d ago

ROFL!! Kid you are out of your mind! Would you do us a favor and shoot urself? Because its Microsoft thats going to need a miracle to come out on top! PS3 is going to pwn 360 for an eternity.

Sez 4666d ago

ah. whats funny is some of the things they list to help push the ps3 sales. isn't doing sh!t now. it already has blu-games/movies,upgradable HHD,ect but the system is still not sell better than it should. maybe these guys need to tell sony to get people to buy games. since thats one of the major problem the ps3 is suffering thru now.i mean if people are not interested in the games that are out now.(uncharted,R&C,warhark ,HS,lair,UT3,ect)what makes you think that people will be interested in the lineup of games that are coming out.

AceLuby4666d ago

Same reason everyone knew Halo would sell systems, these are tried and true franchises w/ proven records to sell not only the game, but systems. No one expected the 2007 lineup to sell systems if MGS, GT, or FF wasn't released.

eagle214666d ago

mass effect, halo 3, or bioshock didn't prevent PS3 from outselling 360 in Europe. Uncharted sold like hotcakes, last week made the top of the Europe charts dominated by Nintendo software. Go look at germany, france, uk, amazon. Playstation Get ready! Tell me how many copies AC, COD 4, FIFA, NFS: Pro Street sold on PS3 worldwide cause you guys obviously don't research it yourself. Millions.

heyheyhey4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

here come the flame-wars, time to man the frontlines


anyway that guy made some good points, but he made a critical mistake- to upgrade the ps3 HDD you need a 2.5 inch not a 3.5 inch

silly rabbit- although you can use 3.5 inch as a boot drive via a simple (well.... not simple) homebrew project:

sh!t cant find the video- look it up

anyway it involves using a seperate external PSU to power the drive and connecting the 3.5 inch into the SATA connector inside the ps3's HDD slot

EDIT: 2 disagrees? how can you disagree with facts? this site is full of retards