Twinfinite: The Walking Dead Episode 2 E3 Preview

Episode 1 dealt with the zombie outbreak first appearing as a threat. Episode 2, however, will shine light on the complete collapse of humanity. The characters are losing their minds, the small rations of food and animosity has driven them to it. So with this we are going to see more of a “descent into madness” approach.

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jon12342326d ago

these assholes, we pay 20 bucks and they promised monthly episode releases, and we have to wait a whole month without getting episode two...

kafe2325d ago

I agree, but it's the publisher's fault. We talked to Telltale and they say that they submit the episodes on a monthly basis, but have no control over the actual release day :(

rbluetank2326d ago

this is why i will not pay inadvance again... i bought $20 worth of dlc. i have wait until they feel like releasing it...WTF i wish i knew this was how it was going to work. i would of just passed on this game. i am not down with the wait for dlc...