New Guitar Hero 3 DLC: Classic Rock Track Pack

While they haven't been officially announced yet, three classic rock tunes have shown up on the leaderboards over at, which is pretty much a dead giveaway that they're on the way. One of the first Guitar Hero III download packs I feel is truly worth the cost, the three new songs are:
Journey - "Any Way You Want It"
Foreigner - "Jukebox Hero"
Boston - "Peace of Mind"

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StalkingSilence4663d ago

We can finally start seeing what's coming out in the next week (at least for PS3):
This was on N4G yesterday (reached 1050 degrees) and has already been updated with several items/sources.

zonetrooper54663d ago

I would get the GH3 packs but I feel they are still way too expensive for what they are worth. I do like the song called Pretty Handsome Awkard by The Used. I just wish it was not that expensive on XBL. Can't wait to get the Solus GH2 for my 360 as it is released next week. =D

sa_nick4663d ago

lol, RB DLC > GH3 DLC

Too little too late you activision fuc*ers.

ohhthegore4663d ago

Better than that last batch though I guess

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