Why I Wish HD-DVD Won: The Format That Loved Me

Gizmodo writes:

Before winning the majority of Hollywood studio support, those partial to the Blu-ray format have primarily relied on a few points to make their case: more storage and rocketing sales at the ratio of 2:1 to HD DVD. Those are bullshit arguments. As consumers, we should have only been looking at what each format delivered and in that case, HD DVD was a more stable platform with more features on almost every disc that was offered in both. It's a moot point now, because the platform with more content deserves to win, but here's why I wish HD DVD wasn't on its knees:

When Wilson compared the same discs in each format, Harry Potter300, HD DVD had many, many more features. The difference is still less subtle when comparing the two editions of 300.

Blu-ray could technically support a lot of that functionality, according to the spec, but the trick here is that most of the spec is not and still isn't mandatory. And even when all the Blu ray players on the market are up to the final spec, whenever that may be, the majority of the original players will still not support extras, so why would anyone develop those extras? They won't. A stair-stepped roll out of what each player must have to be spec compliant has severely limited the Blu format, despite all that great storage capacity. And this might take a very long time to fix, if it ever does.

HD DVD, you were the people's format: R.I.P.

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Cyrus3654661d ago

I think that was one of the biggest mis-steps by Blu-ray having not finalized the tech/profile, and still haven't. And at the same time releasing, or released different profiles, and the only that seems future proof is PS3.

puki4661d ago

Give me a break, who gives a crap about xtra features

Cyrus3654660d ago

Extra features is just that, it's extra stuff, that might convince some to get it, just it does in the world of video games, extra content.

resistance1004660d ago

There features which will come to blu-ray in time anyway. Why this guy moaning? or its it just a sour grape who invested in the wrong format

Cyrus3654660d ago

It will for sure, but I think it's a fair arguement that it wasn't included right away from the start, and some who got blu-ray players that are not PS3's, are scrwed from viewing some extra content (Not sure that matter to most, but still nice to have access to all content.)

gh0st14924660d ago

Well, the way I look at it, whether your player supports the"extra" features or not, Your paying for parts of the disc you couldn't use if you wanted too. No bitterness, no sour grapes, thats the fact of it.
Hd dvd had it all in stone before player one shipped, that why new fetures and improvements cann be rolled out for them more reliably.

Cyrus3654659d ago

Exactly, and that's why original some titles from warner came out on HD-DVD but hasn't on blu-ray like (Matrix) and such.

djroberts4658d ago

Ok fanboys, the following is just a joke, but eh, may have some underlying truth:


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