Wilted HD DVD Camp Limps Into 2008

1/18/2008 - James Rivington of writes:

"After being trounced by the Blu-ray camp at CES earlier this month, Toshiba today announced that it is extending its HD DVD marketing campaigns in the UK. It says it's following up on strong dedicated HD DVD player sales and a better HD movie-attach rate than Blu-ray has."

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resistance1004663d ago

But forgets to mention blu-ray out sells HD DVD 4-1 in europe/UK.

fenderputty4663d ago

better attach rate? Let me guess ... when finding attach rates they incluse the PS3 yet while talking standalone players they exclude it.

Manipulate the #'s all you want Toshiba. You're not fooling anyone and are only prolonging the inevitable.

whengeeksgobad4663d ago

Not trying to start an argument here: I was under the impression that the attach rate for BR owners (including ps3) was .6 - the attach rate for HD-DVD was 6. Disregarding the fact that BR is still outselling HD-DVD, I thought these numbers themselves were *not* smoke and mirrors. Care to elaborate?

fenderputty4663d ago

That is infact the case. If you include the PS3 the attach rate is 0.6 per player. It's just that when Toshiba wants to talk players in the market, they exclude the PS3 making their #'s look better then Blu.

Reality is that this isn't the case. Some PS3 were bought as Blu-Ray players while some were not. Still even some of those that were bought as gaming consoles will buy BD's. Toshiba totally ignroes this and manipulates their data to include or exclude the PS3 when they see fit.

Panthers4663d ago

Put it this way, Toshiba only includes the PS3 when it is convenient. Ex. attach rate. If you include the PS3 then the attach rate for BD is low.

However, when Toshiba wants to talk about total HDDVD vs BD Players sold, they do not include the PS3. That way it appears that they have sold a lot more players than BD people. This is of course ridiculous because the PS3 is the best BD player on the market so of course it should count in sales.

zambrota4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

is aiming to make fun of HD DVD

These kinds of threads could be avoided since format war has been decided

Finalfantasykid4663d ago

Toshiba is just making things worse by being ignorant of what is actually going on. Toshiba is going to lose a ton of money from this since it will be all in vein...

zambrota4663d ago

I dont know what is Toshiba thinking exactly

hunter214663d ago

well in business industry when you own a company you will not say to the public that you loosing even though in reality you are, cause if you do your going to loose more consumer that you already have. so toshiba always saying that they have the great rate blah blah blah but they are really strugling on how to compete with BR

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