Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase @ E3 2012

Considering the one hour time constraint on delivering as many new announcements as possible, it came as no surprise to anyone that Nintendo would spend the bulk of its press conference trying to woo the audience with its newest console, the Wii U.

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user54670072350d ago

...What no Animal Crossing, do we really have to wait untill next year for them to show off more of it. Why did they announce it last year if we had to wait another two years for it.

I'm expecting it to have a lot more new features then the last time it was shown off if it's not going to come out untill next year

Well no new 3DS was announced, guess it looks like I'll have to buy one now since E3 was the only place they would of announced a new version.

alousow2350d ago

every month there will be a new mario game for u nintendo fans lol.