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One of the biggest surprises in the weeks leading up to E3 was God of War: Ascension. Now, it was unexpected enough that we're getting a brand new Kratos story, especially considering the way God of War III ended (prequels, though, are still fair game, as Ascension is proving).

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hulk_bash19872376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

For some people God of War may be getting old, but thankfully that hasn't happened for me. Ascension may be more of the same, but that just means it's more epic set pieces, more brutal combat, more memorable boss fights, and more good old fashioned Kratos killing fun. Bring it on baby!!!

moparful992376d ago

God of War is my favorite franchise bar-none and I salivate for more so I'm happy as a school girl.. I'm anxiously awaiting an announcement for a God of War PSVita bundle... I pray that this will happen..