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DMC4 PS3 vs. 360 Comparison Video

CVG Writes:

Capcom said way back in May last year that its intention was to make both the PS3 and 360 versions of Devil May Cry 4 pretty much identical.

It looks amazing, that's for sure. The environments in particular - there's so much detail in there, which gets lit up by the massive sparks off Nero's ridiculously large sword as he plants it into the heads of his foes.

We did a bit of video trickery to get both versions running side-by-side as closely as possible, so you can take your magnifying glass to the screen in an effort to spot a difference. You won't be able to though. Not unless you're Superman.

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Please add the related games next time.
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zambrota4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

Now both the ps3 and xbox 360 owners should be happy since the 2 versions are identical.

The ps3 fans rejoice.

x360 fans rejoice.

multiconsole owners can get either version based on his/her preference for the controllers

Cyrus3654694d ago

Exactly, although I'm sure some will state how 1 version is slightly better than the other.

decapitator4694d ago

Great post you two. But as you already know, fanboys don't like identical games. They will do anything they can to find fault with one. Guys, play games and stop with the constant bickering.

zambrota4694d ago

Gamesradar has already done that and since the GT comparison's demise i think it will be taken as granted too.

Most websites have also given their verdict on controller preferences too

CeruleanSky4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

Yes, congrats, Capcom. You gimped one of last gen's classic franchises just to make a bit of extra cash off the 360 and its smaller than last gen DVD storage, no standard harddrive and wimpy graphics hardware.

60 bucks for a gimped down to 360 level game.

Sorry, you lose Capcom.

LJWooly4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

I find it funny how Cerulean Sky just proved you all right. Fanboys don't like identical games.

Take this kid for example, since there is no discernable difference between the two versions of the game, he puts forward the notion that the game would have been better if it was PS3 exclusive; that the 360's 'low specs' have 'bogged down' the game.

People like Cerulean Sky can't stand harmony, and they can't stand fairness; they revel in anger. They're only happy when they're miserable, if you get what I mean. Why else would you troll? To start arguments, that's why.

Saddest thing is, a lot of people will take the bait, which doesn't make them any better.

It's unavoidable, I tell you. Unavoidable.

poos34694d ago

if i get this game ill be getting the 360version and yes they both LOOK identical .

millertime83064694d ago

Cerulean Sky may have a point, but for the wrong reasons. I'm not going to claim to know the development strategies of Capcom, but the game could have potentially been better if developed for a single platform since more time, effort, and resources could've been poured into a single version. With a lot of devs confirming that the PS3 is a bit of a beast to develop for and that to really take advantage of the PS3 hardware, code must be optimized to take advantage of the its architecture, it's conceivable that the game could have been better if solely developed for the PS3.

Nonetheless, we can't be certain that Capcom would have made the extra effort to utilize PS3 architecture to the fullest even if it were the sole platform, so it's all a big 'What If?' scenario. The game does look great though :).

CeruleanSky4694d ago

LJWooly you miserable little fück, when DMC came out for the PS2 years ago it didn't look like a fücking Dreamcast game because Capcom wasn't stupid enough to downgrade the game to make a little bit of extra cash.

People like you are an embarrassment to gamers on all platforms.

The Xbox 360 has ruined one of the great franchises from last gen.

drewdrakes4694d ago

millertime8306 - It also could have been better if they had concentrated on the Wii or 360. Its that they can aim it towards the hardware theyre using, that that its super fantastic. They can optimize everything to the specs.

Daishi4694d ago

@ CeruleanSky, you do realize that they could have easily ported to the Dreamcast with nothing lost? And to that end I'm sure that the 360 version will look better than the PS2 version. You still have Untold Legends exclusive, so dry your tears...

tony4694d ago

the version that give me achievements points.

lawgone4694d ago

CeruleanSky, the only thing more idiotic than your first post was your second one. Nuff said.

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360CameFromHell4694d ago

This game looks really good, if you look REALLY close, BUT REally close you will see that... there is no difference at all.

Enjoy this great game on whichever console you have.

kevoncox4694d ago

Games built for the ps3 up look identicle on 360.

Games built for the 360 look worst on ps3...


Tru_Blu4694d ago

You forgot:

Games built for the PS3 only look best

Fragot fanboy

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skagrerrrr4694d ago

i'm getting some other game, definitely not this

jackdoe4694d ago

DMC4 looks to offer the same old gameplay as DMC3 and DMC has always, and will always be a niche franchise. I'm holding off for a demo, but I know plenty of people that don't want to play as an emo, metrosexual demon hunter with antiquated gameplay. I personally might, as I am a fan of the series. But DMC is one of those series where you can feel the Japanese stamp on it. I have no problem with that, but again, others do. Which is why I don't see DMC4 selling like gangbusters in the US.

Relcom4694d ago

CVG doesn't have a problem with copyright protection apparently. Take a note Gametrailers.

Blademask4694d ago

Noticed they managed to use the best specs for both systems. gametrailers is a joke.

NewScratch4694d ago

what would the process need to be for the n4g community to drive some sort of "Official Video Comparison?"