PS3 to Continue to Close Sales Gap with 360 in January

The Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 but the ratio is dropping and will hit another low as the sales gap closes in January, according to prediction market simExchange.

"Our NPD Preview report stated that the prediction market expected the Xbox 360 to outsell the PS3 1.7 to 1 in a closing gap; actual [December] results were 1.58 to 1, a significant jump from November 2007's 1.8 to 1 sales ratio. For January, the prediction market expects Xbox 360 sales to ring in at 358,000 units compared to PS3 sales at 229,000 units, a 1.56 to 1 sales ratio," explained analyst Jesse Divnich.

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Blademask4670d ago

Google back around the PS2's launch. Same exact articles were being written about how its impossible for a game system to catch up because one has been out longer.

Game on.

AceLuby4670d ago

Don't you know, the 360 vs PS3 is nothing like the DC vs PS2, even though you're right. The only difference is that the install base is larger, which would make more sense since the last gen sold WAY more consoles than the previous gen (PS1).

DC: Out first, games on CD instead of DVD, better online, easier to program for at first

That's nothing like the 360 which was out first, games on DVD instead of HD format, better online, and easier to program for at first

HuntTheWumpus4670d ago

Yea, Sega and MS are so much a like.. NOT!

And Ace I will say that you could say the same thing about the PS2 vs XBox1. It had superior hardware, dedicated HDD, etc and that didn't win a console war.

fjtorres4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

1- Sega let SONY FUD software developers into *not* supporting the Dreamcast. Remember, EA did *nothing* on DC. And they *told* everybody they were doing nothing.
2- Sega ran out of money to keep DC on the market long enough for developers to change their minds. An extra six months woulda done the trick.

This time around, nobody is going to argue MS does't have the money to stay in the game, expecially since they are now making a profit off 360, and this time around the developers are in fact supporting the earlybird platform to the hilt, the 360.

Project trends all you want, PS3 is not catching up to the 360 installed base this year. (Not unless Ms stops manufacturing and selling the 360 altogether.) In fact, PS3 is going to have a hard time getting to the (twice revised) goal of 10 million installed base by March 08 (it was originally supposed to be march 07, remember?).

Not saying PS3 is going to follow Dreamcast out of business or anything like that, but do be realistic, children: a ten million installed base edge (however achieved) is not easily erased. Not in a three-way race, and not in a era when Japan is not solidly in the Sony camp. Simple test: in the 15 months of its existence, how many times has Sony sold over 1 million PS3s in a month?
To catch 360 this year, Sony needs to *outsell* 360 by a million a month, every single month for a year.
Ain't gonna happen.
Best Sony can aspire to is to catch up to 360's monthly rate, worldwide, and remain 10 million behind.
Now, as the old saying goes: "When going to a fight it is wisest to carry two bags, one to dish it out and one to receive." Since Microsoft is *not* going to bug out of the console war any time soon, think about what they can do to make Sony's life harder. Easiest thing they could do is to cut prices.
Do you think Sony would much enjoy a price war?
This they can catch up to the 360 monthly rate if its selling at $229, $279, and $379?
How about $199-$249-$329?
MS can afford to go that low.
Can Sony?
Yeah, Sony can catch up to Nintendo in monthly sales if they hit $299, but *when* is that going to happen? 09? 10?
Not many features left to take out of the PS3 that would let Sony cut the price by a quarter.
Have you guys actually tried listening to the MS execs once in a while? They've already said they are ready for a price war this year.
They welcome it.
Last year, MS was betting on the big-ticket games to keep them afloat; this year they're switching tactics and going for pricing as a weapon.
They *said* so as far back as last year.
Project all you want; Sony *will* do better this year--they can hardly do worse than they did last year. But don't assume MS is going to stand still and play dead for Sony. They haven't before and have no reason to do it now.
This console war is going to last a loonnngg time...

Double-Edged4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

The PS3 vs 360 is like...PSP vs DS...

when it comes to games... that what it is.
PS3 sucks man. what games od you play on that? Uncharted?? 360 has got games like that already.. lol.

PS3 is a joke.. and the people complaining about RROD are PS3 fanboys who needs a good argument against them not having games LOL.

Blademask.. you fail. with your BluRay player.

EDIT: you can play bioshock on your PS3???? please.... dont bring you PC into this console war. that's pathetic and very pus5y like to hinde behind a PC library LOL. COD4?? have that...

so you say your collection is ratchet and warhawk?? the games that dont avg 90's?? are you sure??? is that your final answer??? if so.. please say yes. you sure you dont wanna add Lair???

heyheyhey4670d ago

even though you are an idiot i am not going to say any angry stuff im just going to answer your question rationally

as a ps3 owner i have many games to play- i love playing COD4, resistance and warhawk online

ratchet and clank is one of my fave single-player games, uncharted, stranglehold and heavenly sword were INCREDIBLE rents, mastering ninja gaiden sigma is great, RPG's like oblivion an folklore eat up a lot of time, armored core 4 is fun, pro evolution soccer is addictive, super stardust HD and super rub a dub give me my PSstore kicks, motorstorm is great online- just finished playing assassins creed

as you can see i have PLENTY of games to play on my ps3 and there are many more to come (MGS4, DMC4, GTA4, FF13 and versus 13, LBP, resistance 2, killzone 2, Haze)

and any game that interests me on the 360 i have played on PC (bioshock, gears etc) which leaves the only game that i want to play on 360- Mass Effect, but with EA acquiring BioWare im sure a ps3 port is just around the corner

Gina-get-u4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

@ fjtorres

I agree 100% with your comments, but I'm afraid a lot of what you say will be lost on most of the regulars here. I myself don't comment much anymore because it's pretty obvious that most people here aren't looking for a genuine discussion and exchange of information. It's more a game of one-upmanship to them. It took a while for me to catch on, but now that I know what's going on I feel stupid for having taken things seriously.

Anyway, since you're here, let me pick up on what you said. I have been expecting MS to apply price pressure on Sony for some time now. A lot of people tend to forget that MS hasn't even bothered to respond to the most recent price reduction on the PS3. Previously, MS tended to match each Sony price cut step-for-step. That they didn't do it this time indicates a lot of confidence in their ability to move hardware at the current price point. This was particularly surprising to me because with the migration to 65nm fab completed for both the CPU and GPU, I imagine that manufacturing costs per unit have gone way down. However, the December sales figures prove that MS's confidence was well founded. Now that the holiday revenue season is history, I expect some very agressive measures by MS on pricing. Don't be shocked by how low things may go. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a $199.00 SKU by December '08. I'm not buying any analyst prediction unless that is factored in.

2 cents4670d ago

I`ve been playing the 360 since launch and i bought a ps3 2 months ago. Of course i used to support the 360 but it let me down so many times, there was so many problems with it i given up. True the ps3 has no games and i still play the 360 more, but the way the ps3 runs plus all the extras has won my heart. The x360s reliabilty made made me change my mind. And fu*k the waranty, i want the thing to work period.
Now i cosider the x360 a time killer untill the real games come out.

The Killer4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

i always said this before, this place is not a serious place, and u cant be clever with fools! so sometimes i say some fanboyish cooments but some guys take me seriously but then i have to explain to them again!! this place rarely talk common since so why should i or u fight a losing fight just to say u/we thing rational? lets enjoy the fanboy war and be a little fanboys our selfs just for the fun part of it(and do get too deep in to it)!

the reason ps2 killed dreamcast is because of some reasons
1) it had better hardware
2) it had DVD
3) its a playstation brand
4) ps1 was still kicking

and the reason why ps3 will do the same this gen is almost the same as ps2

ps3 reasons to win
1) has blue ray player(the best)
2) free online
3) ps2 is still kicking
4) it has better hardware
5) brand name

and please dont start talking of ps3 have no games because thats just an opinion, i could say the best games ever are (heavenly sword,uncharted,warhawk,assass in creed,cod4,etc)

tomfoolery4670d ago

2.2 - DENIAL!!!!!!!!
2.1 - To all REAL gamers....................
1.5 - HARDCORE DENIAL!!!!!!!!
Is the Sony PS3s fanboys greatest attribute!
Grow up BLIND PLAYTSTATION FOLLOWERS...........the jig is up!
At least in America,the worlds biggest gaming market.
The 360 has earned 1st place game console (WII not included) this round.
We're talking next gen consoles here folks.....not the last gen graphics wise WII!
NOTE....I own a WII and think it's cool for what it is.

PS PS..........
to new people who come here(n4g)......heads up.
This is a completely Sony PS3 biased let you know the truth.

Another truth is..........their system is losing this console war for a lot of reasons,so don't buy into any of this Sony fanboy nonsense in here.......honestly.

PS #2
I will post this as much as possible on every thread so people know the truth about this joke of a Sony overwhelmed site!

Armyless4670d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

PS2 is fresh on the vine (ripened ain't they a bit? but yes, they sell on the vine...")

So what's next for everybody... Are Wii gamer's going to challenge PS2 owners with a last-gen ps2-mote with whored copies of your favorite games from the PS2?

The technology isn't far behind, you have the king of last gen pulling up next to you offering a trade of partnerships for gaming needs. I'm pretty sure a gaming "share" is in order. PS2/Wii controller for PS2 ports? come, on, it's all about the games, right?

Okami is coming to Wii after all, isn't it?

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DuneBuggy4670d ago

IMO a large part of the PS2's dominance was that it doubled as a DVD player (it was my first DVD player).Anyone else remember what a DVD player cost then?
VHS to DVD was a jump consumers embraced and the PS2 was timed right.

Where not all convinced about Blu Ray though.Im not giving up my DVD's yet.

Synex4670d ago

Why do you have to give up your DvDs? Just play them in the Blu-ray player, it plays both you know....

eclipsegryph4670d ago

That was kind of the deal with jumping from VHS to DVD... it was a huge jump, and lots of people wanted to make it. The PS2 made that transition easy.

This time around it's not so simple, though. There's no real big reason to make a transition from DVD to HD movies. The PS3 has to have more going for it than just the "new format" angle this time.

akaFullMetal4670d ago

bluray will help i think, but it wont be the winning hit for sony, and that is the games and getting the ps3 price lower thats what they need to do in order to catch up.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4670d ago

how can you close the gap when your still getting outsold?

the gap isnt closing its just widening slower.

kevoncox4670d ago

Bubbles for you sir. It's simple math that these guys can't fathom.
To narror the gap you need to be making progress not losing slower.

You fall in quicksand. If you struggle you will drown in 30 mins.
If you sit still you drown in an hour. Either way you're drowning.
Maximizing your time doesn't keep you from drowing. You aren't making progress against not drowning. Find a way to get out the damn quicksand.

Sony needs to start outselling the 360 to be making progressed

Blitzed4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

PS3 to Continue to Close Sales Gap. 'Sales Gap' being the key words.

I won't argue install base and market share etc., there is nothing to argue about, numbers are numbers. However to use an analogy of sinking in quicksand to describe the PS3 when its first year sales numbers are similar to the 360 (which you both obviously agree was a success) is foolish. Then again, what fanboy driven comments aren't foolish?

rawd4670d ago


So, where are the original Xbox sales figures