Madden 13 is Mostly Law-Abiding in Its Physics-Though It Does Jaywalk at Times

If you can sit up straight and squirm in your seat at the same time, I did when I got the news Madden NFL's creators revealed they were going to go for it this year, with their "Infinity Engine" offering real-time physics. It is a long overdue feature, something seen even in a striver title like Backbreaker two years ago. But the potential for embarrassing glitches in the YouTube age—just ask FIFA 12—seemed an order of magnitude greater for something as heavily scrutinized as Madden.

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dcbronco3419d ago

EA needs to just give up on the NFL contract and let 2K back in the game. After all of these years they have done little to push football games forward. The players all still look like they have back problems. And the transitions from one animation to the next are clear. They didn't consider more realistic physics until Backbreaker came along.

Look at the realism of NBA 2K. We could have had something like that in football with the physics of Backbreaker a long time ago if 2K Football was still around. Even if they had been the only ones around.

NYC_Gamer3419d ago

Madden is a curse every year with it's mediocre gameplay

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3419d ago

I am impressed with what they are trying to do. I do not play Madden but I think this type of Physics would benefit many types of games.

I hope that it does well and make them more money so that other companies will be inspired to MAX-out Physics and AI.

Tonester9253419d ago

I'd still rather play Backbreaker. There was so much going for that game I think the Devs got overwhelmed. If they would put there all into a next installation they would be a force to reckon with.

Jagsrock3419d ago

Backbreaker is just nice to look at but annoying to play. it had potential but ended up being nothing more than an elaborate mini game. The devs gave up on trying to create a real authentic football experience and instead just chose to cash in on tackle alley. If anything All-pro football 2k8 is the best football game this gen. However after playing the NCAA 13 demo I have confidence that madden 13 will be worth playing. despite EA's flaws it seems like they have put a decent effort in this years edition and im looking forward to it. Adding real time physics to madden was much needed and it wil be something for ea to build on. I mean look at how far the NHL series has come after adding real time physics, this is just the beginning of a brighter future for madden and this is coming from a guy who still plays APF2k8.