Assassin's Creed 3's "big jump" made possible by annualised releases

The big creative leap promised by Assassin's Creed 3 would have been impossible had Ubisoft not annualised the franchise, according to the sequel's creative director Alex Hutchinson.

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InTheLab3428d ago

I'm sure Activision believes this as well...

This is by far the most creative excuse for milking...but at least this "new" AC looks new, instead of a rehash like the last 2 games...

ginsunuva3428d ago

Ac3 apparrently seems fresh only in comparison to how much they spoiled the series before.

MasterD9193428d ago

Well they've reinvigorated the series with this one...So I'm sure funding for the next AC game won't be a problem.

ufo8mycat3428d ago

I must say I did get kind of bored of AC:Reveletions because the gameplay was pretty much the same since AC2 with added elements here and there.

Hopefully we see something NEW in AC3

seanpitt233428d ago

yeah i didnt buy revelations it just looked the same as brotherhood but this looks different gameplay wise better setting so i will deffo be getting this.

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