Price revealed for Dead Island Riptide

Several online retailers have revealed the price tag for the upcoming PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title, Dead Island Riptide.

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0pie3188d ago

its probably like Dead Rising 2 off the record. Same location, different missions and character i guess?

xAlmostPro3188d ago

It's a little more expensive than off the record was. I kind of agree though, it will probably be the existing game(allowing you to load your save) with new places/characters/items etc

WeskerChildReborned3188d ago

I think it will be $60 unless it's just an alternate version of Dead Island.

xAlmostPro3188d ago

This article is about the price and it's not $60

Reverent3188d ago

Seems like a rip-off in all honesty.

konnerbllb3188d ago

Weren't they working on a "Dead World" game? What happened to that?

GuyThatPlaysGames3188d ago

The game was good for about a few hours then it just got too repetitive.