FPS Guru: What Happened to Split-Screen Gaming?

Richard Cox from FPS Guru misses the days of split screen playing GoldenEye.

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Ashunderfire862323d ago

I miss it too, but its not completely dead. Games like Halo, Call of Duty, Twisted Metal, Motorstorm, and some other games supports it. Splitscreen should always be available, its extends the life of the game. Even when the online multiplayer expires. I'm talking to you Metal Gear Online!!!!

Pozzle2323d ago

When it isn't available in a game, I really miss it too. Some of my best gaming memories involve playing split-screen multiplayer against my sister or a friend.

Sure, playing online is fun and all, but sometimes I just want to sit next to a friend or family member and kick their ass (or get my ass kicked) via a good ol' split-screen session! There's something so ridiculously fun about being in the same room as the person you're playing against.

Ravenor2323d ago

We have very high expectations for what our games look like visually, most people aren't willing to swallow the hit it takes to the detail of the game.

The MP of Halo Reach doesn't look that great to begin with, get 4 people together and it just looks so much worse. The draw distance on some environment details is ridiculously bad. I can't get over seeing a crate "warp" in as I run forward. Another example is the massive framerate hit that something like Modnation Racers takes with split screen.

You'll always see a visual hit in some way with split screen (Remember the tiny resolution boxes in RE5 and WaW?) and somewhere down the line, the suits or the devs say we don't want to have the game seen looking like that, or they can't get the framerate to something acceptable with split screen.

It sucks, but things have changed since the long lost time of 1997+.