Siliconera: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Is Essentially A Score Attack Game

Siliconera: The first thing I noticed when I played New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the coin counter had four digits and that’s because coins show up everywhere. Jumping through a gold ring made Cheep Cheeps carry a trail of coins when they hop out of the water. Bouncing on one of the flying fishes rewarded Mario with five coins. Shooting a Piranha Plant with a fireball gave Mario another five coins. New coin blocks rotate between a five to fifty coin bounty just for hitting them. Collect all eight red coins after hopping through a red hoop and you’ll get a gold mushroom worth another 50 coins. Extra lives shouldn’t be a problem in New Super Mario Bros. 2 if 100 coins equals a 1up, but for the demo players only had one life.

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